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causes of swollen uterus

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Hello. I am a nearly 33 year old woman with two beautiful daughters. My husband and I do not wish to conceive any more children, however. I had an IUD in for almost 5 years and had it removed about 5 months ago. I have been on birth control pills since then, with little or no side effects or problems. I have taken them regularly and used a back up method when taking antibiotics. I went to the Dr. about 1 week ago for an annual papsmear and the Dr. did the routine internal exam and told me that my uterus is swollen to approximately the size of an 8-10 week pregnancy. Naturally, I was shocked and dismayed. He then gave me a urine test which came back negative and scheduled me for a transvaginal ultrasound which I had done 3 days ago. I had a period 3 weeks ago, but I am having a few pregnancy symptoms such as bloating, fatigue, and sore breasts, but am wondering if they are all mental symptoms, due to my thinking and worrying about this. I don't know when the Dr. will get the results back to me. Do you think I could be pregnant and the urine test was wrong or are there other causes for swollen uterus and pregnancy symptoms.
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First Helper kathenziesmom

replied March 2nd, 2010
Hi, I have similar concerns regarding swollen uterus and am scheduled for TVUS. What were your results?
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