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Do they put you to sleep during a Colonoscopy and an Endoscopy?

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I having Colonoscopy and a Endoscopy done on the same day in one shot .. I'm only 16 and i'm freaking out ... Is it painful . will they put me to sleep ? what if i freak out when i get there ): they think its crohn's disease ..
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replied June 6th, 2012
Colonoscopy info
Its totally normal to be nervous. I'm 21 now and I have had crohn's disease for about 7 years, and with it more colonoscopies than I would care to remember. I still get nervous whenever I go in for one. I ask to be sedated rather than leaving it up to them and worrying about it, but I think its expensive and insurance might not cover much/any of it. Even knowing I'm gonna be put under I still get nervous the morning of, and I have asked for anti-anxiety meds before (I don't think they gave me them tho because they were going to put me under after a little while) for the time before I get there. (BTW I don't remember if they do it any other time but ask for early morn if you can, it makes the fasting easier and you don't have to go through the whole day worrying about it.)
To answer your question, I would say the discomfort associated with the test is more related to the state of your colon than the test itself. I always ask my doctor to put me under for colonoscopies because the inflammation in my gi tract is pretty bad. It might be a vulgar way to think about it, but consider if/how much it takes to "have a bowel movement" and consider that as a reasonable measure of the level of discomfort. For example--no pain in bathroom=mildly discomfortable test. unbearable pain in bathroom= potentially painful test (make sure to request sedation beforehand)
I have heard people without any GI problems (like people getting them for their 50th or just as a general health check) say that it was nothing beyond a bit of discomfort. I think most people agree that the prep is one of the most annoying parts. I would ask for pills or something flavored for the prep, because there are some drinks they give (I think its called OsmoPrep but I could definitely be remembering wrong) that taste like seawater with extra salt poured in.
Altogether, you will be fine. It is an odd experience but its definitely worth whatever discomfort to find out if/what is wrong. It is such a direct test that they can give a much more definitive answer than if they were just going by symptoms to diagnose. Hopefully nothing is wrong, but if it is this test will help find the best way to treat the Crohns/U.C. or whatever they find.

I know its a longwinded answer to such a short question but I hope it gives you a decent concept of what to expect. Good luck! Looking back its never as bad as it seems, and I've always been glad afterwards--either to know if something is good/bad and what to do about it.
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replied June 25th, 2012
For an endoscopy (sinusitis test), I don’t think they put you to sleep because it is a quick test that can even be done in an office environment. Colonoscopy on the other hand, as LS_1990 has said it depends on you, If you want to be put to sleep or not. Also depends on the pain you are feeling. If you are all scared then maybe they will give you something to keep you calm. Well good luck with the Colonoscopy and Endoscopy.
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