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Do these Symptoms connect to anything?

1. Hands and Feet fall asleep very easily. Whenever I raise my arms up to shoulder level or above my hands will fall asleep within seconds. My legs fall asleep whenever they get propped up just a little bit even if its not above hip level. It has been happening more and more when I'm simply sitting in chair again within seconds. Just last week the pads of my thumbs fell asleep and I had the numb tingly feeling for about 4 days straight.

2. Extreme tiredness all the time and lack of sleep. I generally am only able to sleep about 6-7 hours no matter when I go to bed. When I wake up I feel extremely tired still and often end up laying in bed for a an hour or so because I am so tired. During the day I am generally extremely tired also. I never feel like I am refreshed. I am also generally fatigued all day long. Though I do lift and wrestle or run 4 days a week and I seem to be fine when I am being extremely active. Though the second I am done or slow down a bit the tiredness returns. There are times also where my legs will just be completely fatigued and I am unable to walk for long. I also know that I roll around and toss and turn when I sleep. I will also stop breathing at times for 5-10 seconds at a time when I sleep.

3. I have difficulty breathing at times. It feels impossible to get a deep breathes multiple times a day. All of a sudden it will feel like I have a build up of air in my upper chest and all the way through the top of my throat. I'll attempt to take a breath to get rid of the feeling and it feels as if no air will go in at all. When I can finally get the deep breath after several minutes it feels like little air actually goes in but the feeling goes away. I normally have a few bouts of this everyday. I went to the doctor quite a few months ago for this specific problem. They gave me an inhaler that didn't work. They then gave me steroid pills which did work pretty well. It went away for a month or so but cam back again and I have been dealing with it for months. They told me I had bronchitis but that was the only symptom of it.

Any help on what I could be dealing with and even if these 3 things are related?
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