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do men like it lose or tight? the V spot of a woman

do men prefer a woman to be tight or lose? the v spot
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just curious. do men prefer a woman to be tight? or lose? (as in post baby lose). and if lose, how lose. im sure all guys have varying preferences as to what feels better, so just curious what is prefered and WHY...please be honest!!!
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replied November 11th, 2012
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It is surprising that a woman should ask this...

It is a treat for any man to find a vagina that suits his preference whatever that happens to be.
It is fantastic for a guy with a modest-sized penis to be told to go slow because he is too big for her and he can feel every millimetre of his penis being clamped - a real recipe for premature ejaculation so it isn't very practical for everyday purposes...

I have noticed the actual tightness of fit isn't quite as important as the internal texture - some of the tighter vaginas seem to be as smooth as a ball bearing inside while some of the more generous ones have a glorious texture that can drive a man crazy.

The most important thing is every woman should know how to make her vagina suit every penis regardless of size and to be able to anticipate when the man desires to finish and to increase the pressure on her vaginal walls accordingly...

Giving birth isn't an excuse for having a loose vagina - there are too many lazy, ignorant or selfish women who don't tone themselves with exercises after a birth.

A looser fit is for having lots of fun and a tight fit for a great finish!
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