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Do I really have irritable bowel syndrome?

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I was first diagnosed with blasto cycstis in jan of this year, which was treated and cleared up by the end of june. At the end of july I had more problems with diarrhea, alternating with constipation and alot of constant abdonimal pain. I was having alot of time off work, feeling exhausted and generally unwell. Nausea was very frequent too. I was reffered to a gastroenteritis and I had an appointment in September. He listened to my symptoms and said that I have IBS and sent me home with a list of websites to read. I have since altered my diet so I eat around 30g of fibre a day, as well as taking IBS support probiotic supplement. Symptoms are less frequent now, but I still get them. 'Attacks' last for two days, I have diarrhea, nausea and bad abdominal pain, which suddenly changes to constipation. All other days I go to the toilet once a day for a poo, which is always very soft and runny. Sometimes orangy colour, sometimes green and sometimes normal.
My symptoms have nothing to do with what I eat - my last attack started after I ate yoghurt and muesli which I have every day.
Stress doesn't have anything to do with my symptoms either - I am quite often very stressed out at work or home, and I will feel completely fine. My last attack happened when I was enjoying a day off with my partner, we were visiting friends and had a family dinner, nothing stressful about that day at all and I was constantly excusing myself to run to the toilet!
I drink alot of caffeine because I am so tired all the time -this doesnt affect how my bowels act. I can have between 0 and 7 energy drinks a week, it varies depending on how tired I am and what hours I work. I can drink alcohol too without any problems.
I have always had a healthy diet, eat very well and never had problems with being over weight.

So can I really have IBS when my symptoms dont relate to food, stress or the fact that I tolerate caffeine just fine? Because according to what I have read about IBS, symptoms are triggered by stress, are related to types of food and IBS suffers cant tolerate caffeine or alcohol....

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replied November 16th, 2011
It could be IBS, or it could be an infection or overgrowth of bacteria. Most doctors will dismiss your symptoms as IBS. What probiotic are you taking? Is it a tripe or quadruple formula? Is it liquid or pill form? Which yogurt are you eating? Most yogurt is horrible for IBS or digestive related issues. The two brands that are the best are Stonyfield Farms and Brown Cow. The rest are basically sugar, milk, flavoring and mostly air. Switch to the brand I mentioned. Also, for them to have a positive effect on your body they ened to be eaten less than one week from manufacture. That is not one week from when you buy them. It is one week from when they were made. Probiotics are really only effective when taken in a dry form. The liquid refrigerated ones are mostly dead when you buy them in the store. I recommend either Now Foods or Life Extension brand as the rest seem to have quality issues and I know for sure that those brands I mentioned do good purity testing multiple times for the same bottling.

You should also try some Yoga. I know it sounds kinda voodoo, but a lot of the stretches help digestive issues. The pigeon pose is one of the best.

Also, it might be beneficial to find a Naturopathic Doctor in your area. They may be able to suggest some things that will help or ask questions that your doctor would never bother with. Let me know how this goes and message me with any questions.
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replied November 30th, 2011
Did your doctor mention post-infectious IBS to you? This type of IBS doesn't really have any food triggers, may or may not be influenced by stress, etc. It is IBS but its trigger is the intial infection. After your body has recovered from the infection, the 'flora' of the bowels is disrupted if you will. I have post-infectious IBS which I have had now for nearly 2yrs. I had been living in Italy and was trying to be cautious with drinking water to let my body get used to the new bacteria. After i started drinking the tap water normal i got incredible ill (so my efforts in getting my body used to the different water was pointless this time). After about 2-3weeks after getting better from that, I developed IBS. As with you, it isnt triggered by the food i eat, or stress (although sometimes i think it has been an influence), particular activities, or any other factor. But with PI-IBS, it doesnt seem to have any triggers and is a spontanious and gradual recovery. It causes me alot of abdominal pain, going the toilet alot more (around 2 to 15times a day) than normal (normal for me is once every 1.5-2days), not being able to hold it, and the stool itself is soft, runny, differing colours, and the food often looks the same on its way out as when it went in! On occaisions it has caused me to vomit and my weight is up and down all the time because of it. The more it bothers me, the more lethargic i am, which is to be expected. A gastroenterologist diagnosed me, and they told me there isnt really a treatment, but treating psychological issues has proved to be effective in speeding up recovery (however I was and am already being treated for psychological issues, meds and therapy) and that the only good management tool is to drink green and peppermint teas. I have started recovery now, as of about 3months ago Smile and now I am finding the more food i eat containing gluten, the more I am bothered with my PI-IBS. I didnt drink any green or peppermint teas and nothing seemed to trigger the recovery; it really is spontanious and gradual!!! I also agree and suspect your doc was being abit dismissive and fobbing you off a little bit, they could have looked into things abit more for you and explained things more thoroughly too. Also, I have heard many people with coeliac disease are misdiagnosed, as many have blood tests that come out nagative, and when they cant see any food triggers (which would be gluten), even though they do actually have coeliacs! I had a blood test for it as they thought it could have been either that or PI-IBS and they wanted to make sure it wasnt coeliacs, and it came back negative. But does beg me to ponder; was i misdiagnosed? I do think it is PI-IBS with me though, and as i am recovering gluten may be becoming a trigger now. Although i do have other auto-immune disorders, so i do ponder.... hmmmm... ANYWAY! It sounds very likely that it is PI-IBS for you too, But if i was you, I would ask the docs to test you for coeliac disease to rule it out and to be abit more positive about what your condition is, and ask them about post-infectious IBS. I hope this has helped Smile please let us know how your getting on!!!
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replied April 14th, 2012
I had digestive issues including problems with Blastocystis Hominis, did a triple antibiotic protocol, tested clear and still felt awful.

I also had issues with brain fog, anxiety, chronic fatigue.

Turns out the cause of all my issues is actually a genetic disease called Pyroluria. Do some searches on Pyroluria and see if it matches your symptoms.
I blog about Pyroluria now too.
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