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Do I really have bronchitis? Or is the doctor wrong?

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I just joined this forum today, so I hope that I can get some kind of answer...For about 3 months I have been having difficulty breathing. I am unable for days at a time to get a good deep breath in, it's as though something is blocking my airway. Then, when I finally do it is SO alleviating. It is extremely exhausting for me... I do get a few days or hours of relief when I breathe normal. But when I don't.... I feel very ill. I get super light headed and dizzy... and my nail beds get blue (VERY blue - almost purple). And I am tired... SOO extremely tired.
I had a chest xray finally on saturday, and my doctor called me yesterday, and told me I have bronchitis and my left major bronchi is severely inflamed. I don't have any other associated symptoms like vomiting, nausea or a fever. The thing is, I thought one of the major symptoms with bronchitis is a productive cough?.. I haven't coughed once.. not ONCE..and I haven't had a cold/flu at all this past year... I also have no phlegm or mucus...
I noticed this problem came about after my gall bladder surgery..which was about 3 months ago. I had some complications with the surgery, and difficulty breathing post - op, but nothing abnormal.

Does this sound like Bronchitis? or, is it possible its something else? If so, what do you think?

Has anyone else been told they have bronchitis with out a cough? or fever? or anything like that?
I am 23 years old, no history of asthma or allergies. I don't smoke (never have), and I am not around second hand smoke.
I do suffer from anorexia.. I am 5'8.5 104 pounds.. but I don't see how that could cause this to be such a problem??
Help.. PLEASE!

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replied April 24th, 2011
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replied August 8th, 2011
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You can always get and are entitled to a second opinion, you can try another doctor. I'd suggest following his advice first and seeing if it helps, if not try other pulmnorary tests going, a pulmnologist will carry them out. Some people can present very differently with different illnesses so you can't rule anything out.
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