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Do I need HRT for better health after complete Hysto at 32yo

I'm 35 yo woman, Had full Hysto 3 years ago. Never put on HRT! Went though instant menipause for a year. Then my hotflahes stopped. I have no sex drive, not even a desire. I now have a boyfriend I am active with, but still is not great. I should be at my peak in desire. But I have no desire. I don't get that tingle or feeling I used to get. But now my hotflashes have started back up again. I'm concerned about my relationship health, my bones, energy level, and I want to feel life and love again. Could this be the problem? What is the problem? I am not sure what kind of doctor to seek out. Please Help. I gotta think I should be on something since I would have still had my overies for the next 25 years. So I'm really wondering what and how I'm getting screwed (screwed with no feeling) when doc's are just saying to make sure my calcium intake is good for my bones.

But I feel like crap, I'm lost!
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replied January 28th, 2011
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Hi Hele_Kai and welcome to ehealth...As far as the HRT, that is up to you...I had a complete Hysterectomy at age 47 and went on them immediately...My best advice to you is to see a OB-GYN for any questions...My one question to you on your new love life is do you hunger for him like other men?...Erotic feelings are made of want for someone and not just there because we want them...I have never missed my ovaries or any other part of me that is gone, but that is me...One more thing, if you are at your peak in desire and I am too, the answer to that is that women never really peak...They are who they want to be at anytime in there life...Saying this, I have peaked for many years and hope to until the day I die...Not to worry....You are all who you were and maybe even a bit more...I wish you well...Take care...

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