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Do i have testicular torsion!

The last three days I have been regularly fiddling with my balls and not really twisting them fully but spinning them around and turning them slightly. On wednesday after doing this for awhile while masturbating for 2 hours i had immense pain when i stood up and i was on the ground for awhile. After about 1.5 hours the pain started to decrease and actually started to feel almost completely gone after 3 hours. There is still a very slight amount of pain, three days later (left testicle by the way). Now, my left testicle hangs higher up when it used to be lower, there is a thing that i can kinda touch and poke at at the top of my testicle it seems bumpy, and also when i suck in, only my right testicle moves up. There is limited pain though however i just would like to know what are the chances that this was testicular torsion because obviously it would be too late to save the testicle anyways. Im not going to the doctor id just like to know because I'm worried.
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replied March 10th, 2015
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I originally came to this website for testicular torsion worries.

I called a urologists office to get more info. They said I'd be in great pain for hours with full testicular torsion and I would need emergency surgery to straighten out the testicle cords and then sew the testicle onto the inside and side of my scrotum wall to prevent it twisting up on my cords again in the future. They said I'd need the surgery done within two hours once the torsion tightened enough to cut off all the blood flow to my testicle, my left and lower hanger just like yours.

My testicles never had severe pain or went numb or stopped feeling pain or raising or lowering in my sack in response to cold and heat.

My military combat medic buddy told me what to try and do. So, I kept taking hot showers, checking for circulation, feeling, and the raise and lower within my scrotum ability in both testicles in response to heat and cold, and wearing lots of warm clothes to relax my testicles and get them extra hot and hanging as low and relaxed as possible before the torsion got bad enough to stop my blood flow completely.

Finally my left nut dropped down about 8 hours later and stayed down and more normal after that. Just some twitches and dull ache now and then. It seems OK.

Dr.s office said they could do an ultrasound on my testicle to check for any current reduced blood flow or any permanent damage the next day. But they doubted I ever lost my full blood flow to my left testicle as no great pains or numb testicle during the whole thing.

If the torsion is not severe enough to cut off all blood flow, then the testicle can survive. But it might have some temporary or permanent tissue damage inside from partial lack of blood flow in some portions of the testicle interior during the torsion.

It sounds like you have lost the regular testis raise up in cold and hang low in heat reactions to cold and heat in your left testicle.

I would see a Dr. or clinic to have them look at your left testicle. Even if you didn't lose it to testicular torsion, it might still need some other kind of medical care to be healthy and remain able to keep working for you.

How is your left testicle now? Does it feel pain, pressure, raise in cold and lower in heat? Is it hanging lower like it normally does?

I would have it looked at just to protect it from any further damage or loss. It can't hurt to have it checked out. Good luck.
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replied March 28th, 2015
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Don't ever assume or guess that it is too late to save a testicle. The blood flow has to stop completely and for long enough at no circulation to kill the testicle.

Sometimes even a badly damaged testicle can be saved. So always go to the emergency room as soon as possible to get help as quick as you can to save your testicle, no matter how bad you think it might be.

You have no way of knowing if it is too late or not, or how much blood circulation remained, or for how long. Always get help to save your balls, no matter what.
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