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Do I Have Schizphrenia if not what is It?

I have been experiencing extreme paranoia for a few weeks now, including locking all the doors shutting doors as I leave them and leaving the, wide open when I'm in the room so I can see every where in the room. I also feel as though someone is trying to hurt me and is following me around hiding just where I can't see them. I hear voices talking or screaming and knocking and telling me to hurt people and my pets and I try to fight the urge but it's getting stronger.

I am finding it really hard to sleep and talking properly is a challenge as I often get mixed up and forget what I was talking about or my mind goes blank. I find that often my mind Is racing with jumbled thoughts and if I see something for instance a person I don't like the look of. Will shout and swear in the car because I feel I need to tell someone (not nesecarily listening) how I feel.

Please help I am really scared.......
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First Helper futurama

replied March 2nd, 2012
i felt that way on my first psychosis attack until now. i can't sleep, voices of people i know telling my worst secrets, telling me to commit murder harming my co-worker and love ones, commit arson and etc. at first its hard to focus on one thing because it feels like that someone is continuously controlling your body and mind. don't worry maybe you have a mild symptoms of reactive psychosis or symptoms of bi-polar or schizophrenia. my advice is do not follow the voices (they are very tricky , they are the master of voice mimicry) just trust your instincts, be proactive and lots of prayer it helps! and you need to consult a doctor for that. they will give you a right corresponding medicine or vitamins for condition.
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