Im michael and im 24 and Would like to know is possible for me to have or get schizophrenia, i have been tested for it when i was 19 and showed no signs of schizo but have social anxiety disorder with mild depression and aspergers also i believe i have ocd not been tested tho, i also have a history of abuse caused by my older brother from age 11 till15 I have a family history of anxiety and schizo, my granddad has schzio and my brother, i am very scared about becoming schizo,
I\'ve been recently been having panic attacks and been having a lot of other problems including;
Obsessive thinking
Difficulty concentrating
Feeling like crying and screaming
Unwanted violent thoughts
Weird thoughts
Feeling angry
Hearing sounds before i go to sleep
Believing stange thought before i sleep
Thinking im going to hallucinate or hearing things, checking sounds to see if there real (almost all of the time they are)
Caring less about what freinds are talking about
Avoiding social situations
Seeing shapes in the dark
Becoming slightly paranoid (like someone is laughing and thinking they are laughing at me or walking past someone and think there looking at me)
Lack of energy feeling tired all the time
Heart beating fast

but I\'ve never heard voices or seen things or lost touch with reality while im fully awake, i started having panic attacks stupidly after i eat some chicken that i thought could be go off and freck out after i started feeling strange and thought i was going to die lol ever since than i been obsessing about schizo and thinking im losing my mind.
I have been seeing a counsellor and they say im proberly just anxious and all my freinds say im being stupid, im going to see my doc in 2 weeks but would like to know anyway because it driving me nuts lol and been on egde all the time
I have been to see my gp and he told me i have depression and anxiety but i still fell like somethings wrong and I\'m scared.
Sorry for the long message and thank you for there reply it means a lot to me Smile
Kind regards michael
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replied July 28th, 2012
sound like you got bad anxiety but definatly not schizophrenia to me. sounds like thinking about mental health conditions too much. get something positive in your life to concentrate on. music, sport whatever, anxiety is a terrible feeling and it can feel like youll allways get it, but in time might go but if you go get diagnosed with stuff your letting the anxiety defeat you, think positive.
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