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Do I have schizophrenia and/or Bipolar?

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In the past year I have been seeing things that are not there, the most common ones are;

- A little girl
- And a African tribal person-that trys to hurt me.

But from a young age I would hear things such as screaming and screeching, but recently I hear voices and laughing. Because of this I thought I was having paranormal experiences, which made me fear being on my own and gave me panic attacks. It has got worse and worse, to the point recently I have got trouble meeting and socializing with new people and groups because I start to shake and have emotional fits, with the thoughts that people can read my mind and are staring at me, thinking i'm mental. My emotions go up and down, but the last year I have been very depressed. Because of all this building up. One minuet Im happy, and the next Im stupidly angry. But for the last 3 years, around people I trust I get this massive boost of energy that makes me do very childish things and when I get attention from it, something in my body tells me to do it more, I cant stop till Iv used all my energy. I try to tell my self to stop but then I start shaking, I hate it. Its like I crave the attention. But all of this has confused me and made everything complicating, which has led to me self harming. Even though I have stopped recently, I feel as if If I let this go, It will build up and get worse.
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