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Do I have Ovarian cancer, or peritoneum or soft tissue sarcoma?

Female, 52 yr. 5'4 weight 118 lb,I'm having swelling on my right inguinal area,I have a bulge of soft tissue its right above my c section line toward the right side. swelling began 12/18/18. Prior inguinal hernia surgery with mesh 04/2015. COLONOSCOPY 4/2018 to rule out constipation and colon, procedure lifted mesh.Right lower abdomen swelled up and bruised.Visited surgeon who did my hernia(General surgeon Oncology)CT scan showed Fluid in pelvic area, a week before Ob/gyn saw CT scan report.And mentioned Ovarian Cancer possibility bc fluid in abdominal cavity present.She ordered CA 125 test, negative. 8 months, After Surgeon did an exploratory surgery 05/2018 to check hernia. Ct didn't show any hernia recurrence, but he still did laparoscopic to see what was causing the bulge 8 months ago, with stabbing burning pain and swelling .He cut a scar tissue growing and removed an inguinal lymph node that grew a tumor. Biopsy negative, he took pictures of colon and ovaries,just a few cyst. after procedure, swelling went down. Just felt exhausted and fatigue for 5 months and gained weight, I felt the birth control given to me to control heavy vaginal fluid made me gained a little weight and tired, I stopped felt better.

I Fell ill again on 11/22/18 raw stomach, diarrhea, nauseous, no appetite until 12/06/18 got a little better but never went away. Raw stomach. then again 12/06/18 diarrhea with mucus shaking, sweating, nauseous but no throw up. Pain in abdominal area started 12/09 12/18 inguinal pain began, worsening pain.Went to Urgent care,MD ordered a urine test due to burning pain when peeing,and feeling bladder not getting empty, results 80,000 cfu/ml Escherichia coli 80,000 cfu/ml Enterococcus faecalis.Took antibiotics. back to ER 12/21/18 MD ordered a CT Scan due to lower right pain, she wanted to rule out appendix, negative, CT scan said distended bladder, and (inguinal fat stranding)no evidence of free fluid, several surgical clips suggestive of prior hernia repair and post surgical changes, no recurrence. vaginal Ultrasound showed normal ovaries, Ob/Gyn did a biopsy of the uterus, negative for cancer cells. She thought it was colitis. Lower right burning, pinching stabbing pain continues and swelling. Back at the ER again on 01/06/19 due to the swelling above my c section right lower side and bulge swelling, MRI said; bilateral ovaries normal and uterus normal. There is trace pelvic ascites, this fluid medical term worried me,I was on my last day of my period too. OBGYcame down and did a pelvic exam and ultra vaginal exam, he said i had a small cyst 6 mm on right ovary. MRI and ultra vaginal exam didn't show this tho, so weird. Back to my surgeon he said it was the mesh bc the MRI said no recurrence, he did see scar tissue growing more on MRI and the CT scan 2 weeks prior, He said something is causing the fat stranding an organ, he could see well the front view so he went above and said ovaries looked, he said maybe the colon. Did colonoscopy 01/19/19 and it wasn't the colon.I contacted ob/gyn who saw me a month ago, she looked at my images MRI from 01/06/19 and said ovaries are good and assured me the ovaries weren't the problem, The surgeon said it wasn't the hernia, but he fixed for inguinal area the 2nd time last year when I had the same bulge and pain due to scar tissue growing a benign tumor on inguinal lymph node. The CT scan from last year didn't say either hernia recurrence just post surgical changes. he also removed fluid sitting on ovaries last year 5/2018 when he did the exploratory surgery and took pictures of ovaries, they looked normal according to other OB/GYN MDs.He didn't due exploratory surgery for ovaries, it was just for the hernia, but i asked him to take photos since he was doing laparoscopic to show later my ob/gyn. Now I am being shiffled around, I am worried about: What if it Ovaries cancer causing the fat stranding in inguinal area? Or peritoneum cancer including soft tissue sarcoma. swelling as gone done a little not much it been a lithe over a month with swollen pelvic lymph nodes on lower right side only, what if this is spreading? I've had back pain when I got my period 3 days ago only, Im 52 my FSH tested 42.9 mIU/mL high on 06/14/2018. i was told more period bc i had missed 2 months 04/26/18 and 05/26/18 but after that I continued periods every month heavy periods. I went for another MRI on 01/24/19 waiting for results. I need to know if its my ovaries and what is causing the fat stranding no one knows. I'm scared. Had multiple vaginal ultrasounds at least 3 in the last 2 months. I getting a hysterectomy in March, but what if its too late, or what if its sift tissue sarcoma, GYN/Oncology won't be able to remove it only a general oncology surgeon, I'm stuck on which surgeon is the appropriate to do the procedure to see what they find. I dont want a biopsy that is dangerous cancers spread bc they leak, I will ask to remove everything suspicious. Please help me
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