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Do I have Lupus or something else?

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Hi There, Im just looking for some insight / a second opinion.
I am a 27 year old female and this is what's been going on for the last 2-3 years:

- Positive ANA test (No lupus diagnosis)
- Livedo Vasculitis (I have always had a weird pattern to my skin especially when cold, I thought it was normal and it doesn't affect me at all.)
- Possible IBS (After doing colonoscopy and stomach scope and finding nothing this is what I was told)
- Fibro adenoma (and maybe a cyst as well)
- High Cholesterol ( 5.16 )
- Low Iron ( 8 )
- Low B12 ( 132 )

So far my doctors have just told me to exercise more and take Iron / B12 supplements. Should I be a little more concerned that there is possibly something else going on or a lifestyle change I need to make (other than eating healthier)?
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replied April 23rd, 2013
Yes,mi have lupus and when I first when I was on active duty in the military and it case me to have to retire early, I lave been living with lupus for over 20 years now and during the years I have also found good health thur Natural meds the Marry Clinic is a great play to start. Detoxing the body also helps me and only eating real food any time I have gotten of track I have to fine peace with in me the more you learn to not get stressed out it will also help. If your R and A or normal you are good natural food and the right supplements will help you find peace, don't go look to have lupus it's no fun. My suggestion is to try a good person that work with natural medsnor just look under natural supplements for what you my need. Live life to the most tell yourself each day when you wake up thanks to God he will show you the path.
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