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Do I have jock itch?

I have a uncomfortable spot between my anus and testicles. The area is a straight line and seems to almost be a swollen gland or vein. It is slightly itchy, and painful, and symptoms are made worse by walking, bowel movements, or anything else that seems to agitate the area. Symptoms typically get better when sitting or resting. From what I have seen this sounds like jock itch, but I just want to make sure I am not underthinking this and missing a bigger problem. Thank you!
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replied April 16th, 2014
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I am English and therefore not familiar with the exact meaning of that American slang; I imagine jock itch to be more associated with the visible penis and scrotum, the penis and the urethra extends backwards almost to the anus and you seem to be describing a swollen and tender urethra in that buried part of the penis.

It could be the result of temporary or permanent physical damage from various activities or it could be a urinary tract infection or possibly something like an STI.
If you have urinated into the Amazon you could have a parasite lodged in there or perhaps a kidney stone...

You haven't mentioned any timescale, sexual activity or history, recent illness or other symptoms or anything about penis discharge or problems urinating so it is difficult to give you any other advice than to suggest you visit your doctor.

Good luck!
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