I have a huge doubt that's been bothering me for a long time.

Do I have dyslexia? Now I know that nobody over the internet can diagnose this but I'd like to get you guys' opinion on this and whether or not I should look forward to getting tested for this.

I used to know extremely little about dyslexia, but my friend on Steam told me that he had dyslexia and so I went like "hmm I am curious as to the specifics on this" or something of the sorts", and so I googled on it.

After reading the symptoms (I was shocked at some of them and how they really resonated with how I am and I had no idea that these were related to dyslexia) I was captivated by this disorder. I related to a lot of these symptoms.

I am often labeled by others (and myself) as really lazy, even at times when I am trying my best to complete a task. I am often called very immature too, even by my own family members.

I often find myself thinking that I am dumb and can't do things as easily as others, my self esteem is REALLY bad. I often used to get really emotional about reading and testing in pre school. I remember many times when we were having a test and I felt really stressed out and at a loss and started crying a lot until the teacher tried to calm me down not knowing what was happening or why I was crying.

I believe that I am sort of talented in art, at least. I have a deviantart by the same name as my unapproved link name, but I don't really post many things on it. You can go and check it out if you want to.

I daydream very very often. If I don't bring my watch along when outside the house I will be late to everything usually. I constantly check my watch and consider this to be a main reason as to why I usually am on time (I check it every less than 5 minutes). In class, I can lose track of work for over 40 minutes straight (I probably do have ADHD too, but I'm not going into detail about that right now).

I always find myself learning better with visu aids or the sorts. I never really got why everyone seems to believe that writing down something will make you/help you remember it. I always found pictures easier. When looking on the definition of a word (I hate dictionaries. Takes me ages to find the words in alphabetical order. I don't really know the alphabetical order but I can remember the sound of it and I must repeat it in my head or softly aloud to be able to determine an order further than abc or before yz) in Google I usually just click images and it gives me a pretty good explanation of it.

I utterly hate reading. I used to read a lot back in elementary school but that was mainly for assignments. I spent much more time than any other kid reading and it often exhausted me and still does. Even so, I've only really "enjoyed" 2 books in my life (the Artemis fowl saga and eragon first book. Started reading the second one but then I just dumped it).

If I read for a while my eyes will get a sort of burning or aching sensation (even if it's paper and not on a screen) and I may get headaches too. I get easily exhausted by reading as if I were running but mentally, maybe even more.

I don't usually notice my writing but when I read I always add small words/"delete" them such as a, to, as, no, yes, and so on. This can completely change the point/meaning of a sentence and I often get annoyed by it. I also may add new letters to long words or sometimes the letters will change around. I have synesthesia, so usually I mix up words with the same/similar colors such as left/felt.

I never really talk about this or considered it relevant, but at times the lines of sentences in a paper kinda wave, as if a big wave was going through them, gently but not slowly raising them up and then back down, in order from the middle of my eyesight outwards to both directions. These wavings repeat for a while and then it stops. Happens quite a few times a week. Also, I have a tendency to accidentally mix two lines in one, change words from their actual lines, and the sorts. This makes sentences not make sense at all (may appear like he day saw coming sea. Completely random, right? But not if you read the lines in order) and confuse me. Happens a few times a day/quite a lot when reading a book.

I kinda laughed at this one. I reread the reads and rereadswith little comprehension point quite a few times until it made sense. I reread nearly every sentence/long word/s that I read, and sometimes, rarely, I reread so.ething so often that I give up trying to find it's meaning. When I read, I first sound out the words in my head in a voice in my head, but if I don't visually imagine how it looks like with pictures/videos in my head, then I probably won't get the meaning of what I just read.

To be honest my spelling is pretty good, but that's probably due to my synesthesia. I usually make it into spelling bees, but get disqualified because I either added a letter or transposed letters in the word accidentally. For example, in Spanish, I can usually tell whether a word that I've read/seen before is spelled correctly or not because of it's color. If it is a more orange-based color, then it has a c. This gets confusing with words with both a c and an s, and I totally butcher the spelling then usually unless I manage to remember miraculously a permanent mental note on the specific word.

I am extremely easily distracted by sounds. I absolutely hate pens clicking and people typing when I'm not typing/using a computer, or the passing of pages in a book/worksheets. If someone is having a conversation with another person in the same room as I am, then I cant just not listen, and this gets me really distracted. I also hate the chirping of birds when trying to do homework/radios/cars on the streets.

I often may jum from Subject to another in a conversation, without finishing the last sentence, and think thoroughly a sentence before I speak. My brothera have made fun of me for a long time for saying some sentences/words really weirdly (like motros instead of monsters). When I was around 7 I used to have phonoaudiology speech therapy (which I hated). I still usually pronounce words wrong even if I know their spelling, which causes me to be asked to repeat a lot of things when I speak. Every time I bring it up my mom says that I should've even stayed longer in those therapy sessions, but I really hated them so my brother (twin) and I finally got out of them.

My handwriting is horrible. When I write, even I can't read it sometimes. I have had work returned to me by teachers from the horrible handwriting, and also have an awkward pencil grip and have had it all of my life.

I am an extremely clumsy person. I can't be trusted with a mug because I may accidentally drop it. I am (nearly daily) finding that I tripped on my own foot accidentally, but awkwardly enough I have kinda good balance and never fully fall down (or we at least not usually), but it's enough for everyone around to usually notice and laugh at me. I can't usually properly grab a ball that I am thrown and have never been able to throw properly. I am really uncoordinated yet agile. I have always been last pick in school teams (I hate sports, always suck at them) since I can remember. People may even fight over who doesn't get me. I hate baseball because when I was little my mom made me stay about an hour (felt like 2) after the class ended with the coach and my brother because we had to train extra because of how much we sucked (and still do). I hate tennis. I am currently to forced to go to tennis class to do a sport but even the week-new rookies to the class are better than me (I've been doing it for over a year now).

I am only ambidextrous to eat to be honest, and when I was about 9 years old and u der always confused left/right. Finally PS2 sly 3 game in the pirate ships got me to remember l and r on the controller.

I often wanted to skip showing my work in middle school in math because I just kinda knew the answers and it was hard to go step by step. I can do math but algebra is really hard for me. I try but it just doesn't give me an answer. I know how but when I do it it just... Doesn't work. I have a harsh time dealing with money or counting things (whether it's how many files are in a row or summing up my total money in my wallet).

I remember people's faces from when I was little but never their names (usually), even those who used to be my friends. I may have a hard time learning some people's names but not always.

Thinking with words!? Never. I think with echoing sounds throughout my mind to plan conversations, but I always have vivid pictures/videos/etc in my mind off things. A word does not mean anything to me without it's visual reference.

I an extremely disorganized and the teachers always complain because I take ages to pack up and leave the classroom. I am often a pretty quiet person, but may also speak a lot in class when we're supposed to be silent.

Not sure about my baby stages, but I only learned to tie my shoes halfway through age 9 and learned to ride a bicycle at age 13. I still can't skate at age 16.

I sleep very little and cannot wake up in the middle of my sleep. I usually am not woken up by alarm clocks, which can be annoying at times. I don't wanna post specifics on this but it was quite a shock to me reading that may bedwet beyond appropriate age. I bedwet far far beyond appropriate age...

Finally, I have a really strong sense of Justice and have always strived to perfection.

Sorry for the long post but, what do you think?
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replied February 25th, 2019
Thank you for asking at Ehealth forum!

I read your question and I understand your concern.
These symptoms are not favouring dyslexia.
Your symptoms are more of ADHD.
You would need psychotherapy sessions.
I hope it helps. Stay in touch with your healthcare provider for further guidance as our answers are just for education and counselling purposes and cannot be an alternative to actual visit to a doctor.
Take care
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