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Do I Have Crohn's? Could It Be Linked to Vitamin D Deficiency?

I am a 22 year old female of normal weight. I have had painful intestinal problems for 9 years now. I have terrible diarrhea on a daily basis and a constant abdominal ache at all times of my life. Most of my lab results and my colonoscopy from years ago came back normal, as well as a CT scan. I was written off as having IBS. However, years later, I continue to suffer on a daily basis. Changes in my diets and medications have had little to no effect. In order to control the diarrhea, I literally chug 2-3 bottles of Immodium in one day. This is expensive and getting to be exasperating.
I recently got back lab test results and finally found something-- that I have a severe Vitamin D deficiency, despite having spent a summer constantly out in the sun. My doctor thought little of it and told me to begin supplements, which have, like everything else, given me more diarrhea. I also have high triglycerides and slightly high cholesterol, despite being of normal weight for my height. I have read that Crohn's is connected with severe lack of Vitamin D absorption. All of the symptoms seem to exactly match me. Is it possible that my one colonoscopy could have missed diagnosing this because sometimes the inflammation goes away with Crohn's and is undetectable? I am fairly certain I have the condition and have been misdiagnosed. IBS does not seem plausible with the kind of pain I am in at all times. Does this sound familiar to anyone else, and how were you all diagnosed with the disease? Thank you for your help.
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replied July 26th, 2011
I was diagnosed after a year of interal bleeding(bloody diarreah) I went to the ER several times and was turned away even though my CT scans showed inlammation. I was even given a colonoscopy at the very beginning of my smptoms and was told I had inflammation. After a year of Hell I was hospitalized due to severe anemia given a second colonoscopy and diagnosed with severe crohns. Mine is lcalized in my colon so I have a trouble with water absorption not vitamin absorption.

My sister has severe vitamin D deficency without any tummy troubles...though I think she staysinside most of the time.
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