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Do I have ADD or ADHD? I try my hardest...

In school I cannot concentrate, no matter how hard I try. If I try to zero in on the teacher like watch them and listeni will find myself just stairing at the teacher and I wont be able to remem be r what the teacher said 2 seconds ago. High school teachers also arent the nicest people so as you can imagine the teacher likes to call on me and have me repeat what he/she just said. I try my hardest to pay attention I just cannot! Concentration anylonger that 15 seconds is almost impossible for me. It is hard to described. I dont know much about ADD or ADHD, i only know people have a hard time paying attention.
In class or anywhere really i have to have my foot moving or my fingers. I cannot stay still to long.
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replied August 30th, 2012
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This ADD runs in my family. My father had it, but he just died. My elder brother dropped out of high school in 9th grade because everyone thought he was the dumbest kid on the planet. My son has it too and has been on vyvanse and adderall. I was sick lately and needed some ginger which I learned to love as a child, but this is the crystalized ginger (like candy and awfully hot). I too stared out the window, could never pay attention or anything in school, but when my mother introduced me to crystalized ginger, I became an A+ student. I have one year of college and married in 1975 and had to give back 2 full-ride scholarships. I am an A+ student because I learned go love crystalized ginger. Give it a try. Better than caffeine anyway!

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replied September 18th, 2012
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I am on a blog with other mothers whose children have been on Vyvanse. I have even called my son's doctor about VYVANSE. Please get off that darn drug as soon as you can. You have no idea the damage it will do to your brain. One mother said her son has been on Vyvanse a number of years and he is totally schizophrenic and nothing, and I mean nothing helps to stop the voices he hears continually. I was telling my son about it (and my son was on it only on school days for 15 months) and he said that he hears voices too and thinks it is a good thing. I asked him what is so good about hearing voices. He said it makes him stop and think about what he is doing. There is going to be a big court case over this medicine in the future and I would urge all of you to keep track of how long you have been on this Vyvanse because it is not going to be a pretty sight when the litigation starts on this new-fangled drug. Sure like we want to be SCHIZOPHRENIC too. ADD is bad enough as it is. Try an older, more established drug. Never take something that is brand new for God's sake. Unless it has been out for many years, you can never truly know the side effects. Get off that darn Vyvanse before you hear voices as well. Yes I am ADD as well, my father was too, and my elder brother who were given nothing for their ADD and were able to make a way in life. Please throw out your Vyvanse before you start hearing voices too! I love crystalized ginger and it made an A student out of me, so go find something hot, whether you like ginger, hot peppers or curry and that will help your mind out better than any drug can!!~~!
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replied December 22nd, 2012
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I raised one child with ADHD and I child with ADD. There are very distinct differences. For instance, my ADHD didn't have any problem with doing school work, in fact she was an over achiever. She couldn't sit still -- she might be walking around the classroom, playing with a toy, coloring or drawing a picture, etc. But all her homework was done on time (since kindergarten), she read more than her required quota every week, she completed projects without any input from anyone (she didn't even tell us she was working on them, etc.)

My ADD had a much more difficult time. He couldn't focus. He couldn't follow more than one direction at a time. He called me at work to ask directions to make fish sticks. I literally had to stay on the phone and wait inbetween steps.
1. Take box from freezer
2. Open Box
3. Take out 15 fish sticks, etc.

This child, thanks to me and a wonderful school system, spent 12 years in Special Ed (but in a regular classroom) and then attended the only university he applied to. It was one of the only two in the country that offers his major, which was Conservation Law Enforcement; he has a BA.

Just another idea that might work for you -- sometimes it's easier for me to listen to something rather than watch it (like tv). So, if there's something I really want to see (hear), I work on a crossword puzzle at the same time.

Maybe your teacher would let you work on homework or something (or read) while she speaks in class if you explain your difficulties to her. Or, perhaps trying to write down what she says might keep you a little more focused.
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