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Do doctors inform a parent about my past drug use?

Hey! I am 17 and i am very sick at the moment. I will be seeing the doctor soon and im pretty sure i will be getting a urine test along with a blood. Heres another detail, i have already smoked pot and quit about 2 weeks ago. The problem is that i obviously dont want my parents to know, especially if im making the effort to stop. If they find whatever they do in my blood that indicates them on a past drug use, do they tell my parents?

I live in Quebec if that helps
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replied January 9th, 2013
Especially eHealthy

I am sorry that I am not really all that up on Canadian Law.

However, you do need to know, that when a doctor orders lab test, they usually do not obtain "drug tests", usually they know about the drug usage, and feel maybe feet that the drug usage is playing into why the patient is ill. Testing for illicit substances is actually a specialized test (can cost quite a bit).

So, when a patient is sick and the physician orders "lab tests", what is usually obtained is a UA (urinalysis), which checks for blood (red and white blood cells), sugar, protein (albumin), and some other substances (not drugs).

From the blood, the usual tests include CBC with diff and Chemistry panels. If there are some suspected problems, then the physician may add in such things as Kidney panels, Liver panels, Thyroid panels, Cardiac enzymes, Bone panel, Inflammatory markers, etc, etc, etc.

But, again, usually physicians do not routinely test for illicit substances.

Of course, if you are very ill, you really should tell your physician of all of the substances you are currently taking. If you do not want your parents to know, ask to speak with the physician in private, without your parents in the room. Tell the physician that you have some information that you really do not want your parents to know about. Ask the physician, if you tell him/her, will he/she be required to notify your parents? Your physician is going to encourage you to tell your parents about the information, no matter what it is. He/she is also going to state that it is important for him/her to know what the information is, to be able to take care of you.

This, of course, it true. Your physician does need to know all substance you are using, to make sure that there is no interactions between any medications given for your condition.

Also, I understand all of the different reasons for not telling one’s parents that one is taking illicit substances, but it is usually actually a good idea to tell your parents.

You are in a difficult situation, sort of the proverbial, “rock and a hard place”. You are going to have to make up your own mind.

Good luck.
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