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do deodorants cause breast cancer or any kind of cancer?

Is there a link between the aluminium in deodorants and them causing breast cancer? Should I worry about what kinda of deodorant I use? Should I look for one without aluminium?
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replied March 15th, 2012
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Are Aluminum Antiperspirants Contributing To Breast Cancer
This article by Dr. Mercola should help clear things up. If you want to read more, google the title. “Are Aluminum-Containing Antiperspirants Contributing To Breast Cancer In Women?”

“….Cancer-Causing Aluminum From Antiperspirant May Collect in Your Breasts. In a 2007 study published in the Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, researchers tested breast samples from 17 breast-cancer patients who had undergone mastectomies. The women who used antiperspirants had deposits of aluminum in their outer breast tissue. Concentrations of aluminum were higher in the tissue closest to the underarm than in the central breast. ….Why is this a glaring red flag? Aluminum is not normally found in the human body, so this study was a pretty clear sign that the metal was being absorbed from antiperspirant sprays and roll-ons. Please note that aluminum is typically only found in antiperspirants. If you are using a deodorant-only product it is unlikely to contain aluminum but might contain other chemicals that could be a concern...Aluminum salts can account for 25 percent of the volume of some antiperspirants, and a review of the common sources of aluminum exposure for humans found that antiperspirant use can significantly increase the amount of aluminum absorbed by your body. According to the review, after a single underarm application of antiperspirant, about .012 percent of the aluminum may be absorbed. This may not sound like much until you multiply it by one or more times a day for a lifetime, which adds up to massive exposure to aluminum -- a poison that is not supposed to be in your body, and may be more toxic than mercury. Aluminum salts can mimic the hormone estrogen, and chemicals that imitate that hormone are known to increase breast cancer risk. Animal studies have also found that aluminum can cause cancer. Aside from vaccinations, your antiperspirant may be your largest source of exposure to this poisonous metal!..”
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