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Do any supplements help relieve the symptoms of MS?

I have a friend who sent me the following story. Has anyone else tried this ASEA product to help their MS? Matt was diagnosed with MS 14 years ago. Another fried of mine has MS, but I am reluctant to tell her about it until I have more information. I don't want to get her hopes up.

Patrick told me he joined a company that had a health product. I am working with a direct marketing travel company, so I am not at all excited about another over hyped health product that costs too much and does not do anything for people who really need it.

I usually talk to Patrick at least a couple of times a week about strategies for marketing online.
Patrick keeps telling me about ASEA. And why he thinks it can do me good, knowing that I have M.S.

I finally agree to try ASEA.

So the product comes on Friday, the 20 something, last week of January.
I open the bottle, pour a quarter cup full. I put it up my mouth to take a drink. I smell a chlorine smell. I cannot believe that anything with chlorine in it could possibly help M.S. in any way. Especially since the neurologist have always told me to stay away from chlorine.

So right from the start I am very wary to take this product. Thoughts are actually going through my head that are telling me, even if this product is good, how would anyone be interested in a product that smells like a swimming pool. I’m thinking, people will be totally turned off by this and won’t even want to give it a try, as I’m already thinking myself.

So I call my friend Patrick back and share my thoughts about taking anything with chlorine in it. He tells me that theirs 16 years of research into ASEA and something about the body needs chloride. That makes me feel a little bit better for some reason.

I do some research of my own, even though Patrick probably already told me what I needed to know, as he is a very thorough in explaining what he promotes.

So, I decide to give it a try . I am just about 100% sure that this stuff is going to be another way over hyped product . So I make a decision with a 100% non placebo effect mindset about ASEA.

So on Friday the 22 of January, I try ASEA the first time. Now I can drink most anything, but this stuff tastes like pool water with salt. Nothing terrible, but I still have the chlorine thing in my mind. Now I am really turned off and thinking this stuff might start another episode of M.S..

But with what my body is already going through, I decide that I will try it.

So I will give you a review of this product starting from the first day I drank this product on the 22nd of January
Days of product use..

The first four days, I can offer you a very easy explanation of what my experience with ASEA was.

Here it is. I slept like a log.

I slept so much that on the fourth day of using ASEA, I called Patrick and told him I was worried that this product was very dangerous for my health because of what I looked at as a severe form of chronic fatigue that most people with M.S deal with daily.

I made a decision that night to stop taking ASEA, because I felt that this was a total waste of time.

Day 5- I wake up on this day just like the rest of the world.

When I say the words wake up, I mean I am feeling 100% energized. More than that though, I am feeling some slight differences in my body. So then, I am actually starting to think that ASEA could possibly be good for sleeping, which I have had major difficulties with for many years. I love the energy that I have, so I decide to keep taking ASEA.

Day 6- I wake up and yes I am really awake with no fatigue through out the whole day that I have had everyday for the last two years. Ok, so now I actually have a reason to stick it out with ASEA to see what it can do for my health. I go to sleep and have my 6th night of total rest through out the whole night.

If you have had any insomnia or neurological damage that causes your legs and feet to throb all night and keep you awake, then you have to know that this was a blessing for me and I was very grateful.

Day 7- I am calling this day the ASEA Miracle.

I woke up, again feeling totally rested and ready for the day ahead. The whole day, I have great energy without fatigue. At 8:00 my wife wants to go to the dreaded Wal-Mart. The reason I say that is when I go out to public places, with a lot of people around, my toe drop trips me and I get very embarrassed.

Anyway, we go to Wal-Mart to shop. I notice right away that my walking is actually very good. But in my unconscious mind, I’m just waiting for the fatigue which results in the tripping over my own toe.

We shop for about 2 hours and for some reason I am very calm the whole time. We go through the checkout line to leave the store and I said to my wife Betsy, did you notice that I walked almost normal the whole time. She really did not know what to say, but I know she saw my smile and knew that something had definitely changed.

Now This is where I’ll stop and leave some amazing changes that have happened in my life in just 12 days.

I have slept very well almost every night, except when I ate to late one night.
12 days with almost no fatigue.
My muscles in my body have totally relaxed.
My headaches are gone
Foot drop decreased. Takes a huge amount of anxiety from my thoughts.
I think a lot faster.
My constipation is a thing of the past, YAY.
Lost 6 pounds in the last 2 days.
Wondering what I will do with the rest of my life now that I can’t make excuses anymore, lol.

It’s been a blessing so far and I hope everybody makes the choice to experience ASEA.

I can't say it's a cure, but at least for me, it helps control the symptoms.
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First Helper jlpete72

replied November 9th, 2010
I too have begun taking ASEA at the advice of my ND who said that this product will increase glutathione levels by 100%. I have a neurological disease that is degenerative and I've been dabbling with the product, not taking the full 2 ounces a day, but have to say I feel better than I have in a long time. I feel stronger, with an overall feeling of well being. I have also been nebulizing with this product which gets it into your lungs. I was told that Asea will increase the effectiveness of anything you are taking and the body's functioning. My ND wants to do IV's with it and feels it will be a huge breakthrough for restorative health.
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replied February 10th, 2012
ASEA patents show MS results
ASEA is working to access the 17+ years of research, clinical studies, and patents on the product that is now known as ASEA. They recently gained the rights to use 6 of the more than 30 medical patents on this product. Patent numbers 5,334,383; 5,507,932; 5,674,537; 5,731,008; 6,007,686; 6,117,285. You can go to the US Patent and Trademark website and search the numbers to see the full patent info. But here is an excerpt from one of the patents that talks about what they call "electrolyzed saline" (the same stuff in every bottle of ASEA) and the results with an MS patient.

From patent #5,731,008


A patient, MV was enrolled in a NIH sponsored clinical trial for chronic, symptomatic patients with Hepatitis C infections. MV was treated with interferon and ribavirin for a six month period. Tests of liver function, including AST, ALT, and LDH continued to increase to levels exceeding 400 for AST and ALT and 700 for LDH. Because no clinical or laboratory improvement was seen by MV or attending physicians following the conclusion of the NIH clinical trial, MV elected to receive therapy using the electrolyzed saline of Example I. Following intravenous treatment at a dosage of 2 mg/kg body weight for five consecutive days a dramatic drop in the AST, ALT and LDH levels were observed. One month after receiving the electrolyzed saline therapy, ALT, AST and LDH values were reestablished within normal ranges and the overall health of MV was stated to being comparable to before becoming symptomatic for Hepatitis C. MV continues to demonstrate good health and laboratory findings show measured parameters to be within normal ranges.

The above examples show there is evidence that the in vitro and in vivo use of electrolyzed saline in treating physiological solutions and patients in accordance with the invention resulted in decontamination of solutions and marked improvement in patients with no visible toxic side effects.

The patents also show results with HIV, Hepatitis C, and Cardiomyopathy.
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replied February 10th, 2012
Woops I pasted the wrong example. Here is the one on MS. From patent #5,334,383


A male, age 36, having been diagnosed three years earlier as having multiple sclerosis was treated with and electrolyzed saline solution. His condition was such that he had not been able to function at his employment and required the assistance of a nurse at home. Prior to treatment he walked wobbling from side to side and could not control his forward progression without taking several backward and side to side steps to maintain his balance. Before being treated he was asked by the physician to demonstrate his incoordination by placing the heel of his left foot on his right knee, then to move his heel from the right knee in a direct line to his right toe. The patient was able, after several tries, to touch the knee with his heel but he was not able to move the heel to the toe in a straight line. With very concerted effort, the foot wavering as much as 10 to 12 inches, he was able to touch his right toe with the left heel.

The patient lay on a treatment table and 1.5 mg of colchicine was first administered followed by the administration 20 cc of electrolyzed saline as in Example I. The same moderating agents as in Example 1 were also administered orally one hour prior to the injection. The entire intravenous injection procedure lasted required about 10 minutes . Again, about five minutes after the last of the electrolyzed saline was administered, the patient was given an intravenous injection of about 1000 mg of ascorbic acid.

There was immediate improvement in muscular control. Following the procedure the patient could readily perform the placement of the left heel on the right knee and move the heel in a direct line from the right knee to the right foot. The patient was able to remove himself from the treatment table and, hesitatingly, take several steps. Over a period of several minutes he was able to walk almost normally.

The treatment is not a cure and the patient requires injections at about one week intervals. Although the results of this treatment are stated in subjective terms, the patient is able to maintain a much more active lifestyle as a result of the electrolyzed saline therapy.
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replied November 28th, 2010
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Here are a few supplements that I take. (See list below.) I also take a multivitamin and I eat well (i.e. Blood Type Diet and High Sulfur Diet.) to maintain a strong immune system.

Although the supplements are very good, I realized that I only have symptoms when I am stressed. So, I am not putting all my faith in supplements. I juice vegetables, meditate, stay happy and weight train too.

- Helps in myelin repair
- Raises Glutathione by 70%

- Glutathione for the brain
- Reduces relapses and slows progression in MS
- Makes you happy

- A precursor of Acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitters needed for transmission of messages between brain cells.--important role both in learning and memory and in sending messages from motor nerves to muscles, especially in the heart, bladder and stomach.

-Raises liver glutathione by 35%
-Protects against heavy metal accumulation
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replied December 15th, 2010
here are some good amino acids,actually 3 of them are in the copaxone mix of four but I also take these as supplements,L-tyrosine,DL-Phenylanline,Lys ine,and GABA/gamma aminobutyric acid.hope it helps
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