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Do any of your Autistic Children present these

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Hi there

Can any of you with autistic children tell me if they
suffer from severe fears? ie: Fear of the dark,
Fear of going any where alone
Fear of not being liked
Fear of the wind
Fear of the toilet
Fear of monsters, aliens and ghosts
Fear of single large eye ((Something she insists is real is a large eyeball that is out to get her))
Fear of evil fairys, yep she believes that there are bad fairys and good fairys and that the bad ones are out to get her
Fear of Dying
Fear of loud sounds
Scared of music because she thinks that what she hears will stay in her brain forever and she'll not be able to get it out of her head
Fear of people talking about her
Fear of things getting into her eyes
Fear of diseases
Fear of photo's coming to life, or paintings or pictures coming to life
Fear of the black hole
Fear of spiders
Fear of lifts unless the lift is one of those types that have the massive window so you can see outside and or if the lift has a lot of people in it other wise she's too scared to ride one
Fear of being driven over the harbor bridge because she thinks a massive Octopus will come out the ocean and pull her into the sea
She fears tree's while bush walking because she convinces herself that the tree's will come alive and eat her
Scared of her bed because she believes that there are monsters living under her bed
Scared of being examined at the doctors
Scared of an eye doctor looking into her eyes
Scared of being put to sleep in case she never wakes up
Fear of blood tests, she thinks it's poison
Scared to vomit
She believes strongly in monsters, aliens and ghosts no matter what and believes that someone is after her in the world
She believes in other worlds
And so many more fears, basically she's literally scared of everything even her own shadow is this all part of someone with Autism or could this be schizophrenia? I will be asking her specialist to get her referred for a proper diagnosis but reading everything related to autism I have never seen another child with so many fears. Her fears are ruling everyone in the family and they get worse not better and NO I do not encourage her fears at all I have tried so many things to help her but she is insistent on them being real to her. She is nine years old
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First Helper oopsagain

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replied November 29th, 2011
I guess since posting this no one has anything to say because this has gone unanswered. Stupid site no one here to help you.
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replied February 8th, 2012
Hi there Goldenmum, I have been looking for support and help myself on this site and have notice it can take a bit of time before people see your post, but eventually someone does reply. Ignore the selfish and abusive person who has posted on your post. They are obviously ignorant to what it is like.

My mother suffers with anxiety and has fears and I know it is something she has to deal with on a daily basis, which can be a struggle. As her family we do everything we can to help and support her with this although at times we may not know what is best, my mother says though the fact that someone cares is the biggest help.

By the way I have reported oopsagain for they're hurtful and thoughtless comments, as they posted on a post of mine that caused me alot of pain and heartache.
I hope your daughter finds some peace of mind for her and yourself xx
P.S. if you ever want to message me for support feel free to x
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This post has been removed because it did not meet our Community Guidelines.

replied March 6th, 2012
Active User, very eHealthy
Im sorry if I was being abusive, I didn't think that I was at the time, had I known that I was I would've said it differently.

However, having to do with what I said earlier, alot of those are completely normal, well, not to say normal, but okay fears to have in a situation such as this.

But there is an eye somewhere, I don't know if this is metaphorical or not yet, but it's watching, and the only reason that I am writing this is you need to find out about certain things so that you can try and relate to her and lend her a hand and let her know that she isn't alone.

Faeries are real dude, all kinds've different things are real, and either people ignore it or don't know or just don't care. And Im not talking about tinker bell at all here, it's completely different. The word faerie tale probably actually originates with their actual existence.

And the wind thing, she is obviously aware of the stronger types of wind, I wouldn't say that she is afraid of any wind.

There are other worlds entirely.

Just saying, you seem to think that there aren't, but your daughter seems to be aware that there are, so you need to know that there are so that you actually can help your daughter.

Was this not helpful? Im sorry if this is not helpful, I really think that it is though.

And I did an extemely small amount of reading on the octopus just now, and you may want to do some reading about it's symbology, ancient meanings, totems, dream meanings, etc.

Because why else would she be afraid of that? There is no chance that it will actually happen, well at least not the octopus part. There has to be something more to all this going on with your daughter.

And I really think that she will like certain kinds of music, not all of the time, but certain kinds seem to truly please autistic children actually, it must be music though and not that other stuff.
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replied July 14th, 2013
I have a 4yr old dau who has alot of fears as well. She is afraid of shadows, bones, my voice whether I'm whispering or not, sounds of any type, being alone, her reflection, falling asleep, etc. Forgot to mention she is autistic with sensory disorder and exspressive language disorder. I too sometimes wonder if her fears aredue to the autism or if something else isgoing on. But i also feel that maybe she is more in tune with the whole of our world. My mother died from cancer when my daughter was 6 months old and yet she has told me things about her that she could not have known. I just try to reassure her that she's ok and try to vet her to tell me about what is scaring her and why. We discuss it matter of factly and it calms her and also allows me to learn more about her. My daughter can also very easily discern if something or someone is good or bad. She also loves all types of music unless it sounds very dark in nature.
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