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Do any of you experience these symptoms?


I have been suffering from TMJ symptoms since a bad fall and whiplash injury 20 odd months ago. What I experience now is:
Like a pulling sensation at the back of your mouth more on the right side, like your right jaw muscle (massateer)is hard, occasional ear pains, noise sensivity, intermittent fluctating tinnitus, pain behind the eyes, cold sweats, pulsating in the temple region like it feels sensitive, trouble sleeping some nights, blocked clicky feeling in ears, not quite feeling the same as you used to, disorientation.
I'd love to see a good neuromuscular dentist, it's one thing the cost and since it's a pre existing medical condition you cant get medical insurance for it, it's sods law people.
I've seen several 'Dr Moysers' who haven't got a clue. I'm not saying they are bad, just that there are few dedicated specialists in the world who know about TMJD. More awareness needs to be encouraged, rather than GP's overing anti-depressents etc.
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