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Dizzyness, shaky vision and lightheaded

Hello everyone,

I have serious problems at the moment. I have constant pain behind my eyes and around my nose. I also have dizzy spells, especially with head or eye movement, post nasal drip, sometimes ear pain and also a slightly shaky vision. Also tinnitus.
I always had sinus problems so I don't think it's related to the dizzyness and the eye problems I have.

It all started after I was awake for 4 days and couldn't sleep due to pain from a sports injury. After I have slept the 4th day and woke up in the morning, I had dizzy spells and paniced to the point I felt like fainting. I also had this weird vibrating feeling in my head - the feeling like you're feeling asleep for a second after being awake for too long. I guess it was complete exhaustion.

However, it's been 6 weeks and I am still not 100% normal yet. My vision shakes a bit if I try to fixate a point. I can't hold my vision 100% calm. The eye doctor said that it's not really nystagmus, but rather a problem with the eyes due to latent deviation (which I didn't have before...)

Now I'm looking back to the time when it all started. I was tattooing myself (I am a tattoo artist) on my left shoulder. So basically, I peered hard on my left shoulder for almost 3 weeks everyday (~30 mins a day) to the point I had eye pain.
Now I think I damaged my eye muscles because when I look at an object, the vision slightly vibrates and when I'm doing the one eye test, my right eye looks more to the right and up than the other one. So if I have my eyes closed, they aren't parallel anymore. Once I open the closed eye, it moves slightly to match up with the other eye. I think this is causing my motion sickness and dizzyness. Sometimes the whole vision shakes and the room is slightly spinning. When this happens, I panic, nausea overcomes me and I feel like I am fainting.

How can I fix this problem again? My eyes are terribly dry, there is pain behind them and I feel so tired all the time after doing stuff like reading or working with the computer. It's obvious that it all started after I have tattooed myself for over 3 weeks and looked too far to the left everyday to look at shoulder. I guess one eye muscle is now tight and overworked. Is there a way to fix this problem? Any vision exercises? Stretches?

Please help me out I feel horribly!
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