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dizzy, spotting, pressure, and breast tender

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i am really confused. i had my period march 27-april 2. It was a little lighter than normal and i had about two days of brown at the end. after my period i have had pressure in my uterus. i also have been really cranky and unconfortable. Than i started two days back to back having dizzy spills and then i had a spotting instance that was only one about week after period. the next day way one episode of light pink discharge. now im starting to feel tingles in my breast and are tender in particular parts. i have been having unprotected sex using the pull out method and we did use a condom that broke about four to five days before my period in march-april. i also am feeling headaches and cramping on occasion. i have taken a hpt but it was negitive a couple days after the brown spotting.
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replied April 10th, 2010
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Take another test in a few days. It is unlikely these are symptoms of pregnancy. Symptoms of pregnancy are caused by pregnancy hormones. Pregnancy tests test for those specific pregnancy hormones. If the test is negative, it means there are no pregnancy hormones present in levels that would cause symptoms.
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