Hi all, hope you dont mind me adding my two penneth worth of questions!

In short, I seem to be suffering from anxiety. I get dizzy spells (say once maybe twice a day), they last for around 20 seconds, my mind goes all mixed, i cannot communicate with people and i get a deja vu type sensation. I shake and fidget alot as well.

Has anyone else ever suffered with these symptoms and has anyone some advice on how i can overcome these probs.

I've seen a neurologist who advised i have Anxiety (over epilepsy), and am keen to overcome these probs. I'm trying to do more excercise, eat more fibre, drink less alcohol, and do some relaxation techniques but obviously not enough.

Thank you for any advice you can give, no matter how little, it is appreciated.
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replied February 4th, 2010
I have these once and awhile too. They are very disorienting and distressing. I take Zanax (if that's spelled right) when ever I feel it come on and poof, it goes away. Try that
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