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Dizzy spells and loss of balance

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I am a 39 year old male. from the age of 25 i have been getting Sudden dizzy spells. about 5 years ago it has been getting worse now i get balance problems all the time. when walking standing anything with moving.or watching anything movie. i have had no injury that would have caused this. i was shocked once pretty good but did not notice any thing at that time but shortly after is when it started. they diagnosed me having mienear's but for 10 years told me i had anxiety. but when your spinning with out being on a ride its scare lol. also was told i may have 2mm avm on front left lobe but was told no big deal. went to ENT they did test with cold air and hot and warm air in left ear made me spin. but said i should not always have balance problem 24/7 with meniear's What steps should i take i have been permatly dissabeld at this point also told i have cfs aka fibromalga
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replied August 23rd, 2011
AVM and off balance
HI I just came across this and not sure if you'll get a reply fromthis, but I too have an AVM that is larger and am only 33 & today am feeling dizzy or off balanced most of the day. I have been told that AVM's can cause this. Do you still have your AVM?
Hope you figured out what's causing this though!
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replied October 19th, 2011
Undiagnosed motion sickness and balance problems
I'm 26 F. For the last few years I have been suffering more intensely from my history of motion sickness. I am getting to the point where nausea occurs from watching television, or someone play a computer game, or sitting in a theater, my motion sickness is sudden when riding in a car, and also present when I am driving. Sometimes I am nauseous and cannot identify the cause. I am noticing an increase in difficulty with coordination, I have always been a clumsy person, but I find myself unable to go down stairs or walk across a room with patterned carpet without assistance or intense concentration. I am sensitive to the motion of elevators even for just one floor. Sudden changes in position (like jumping and turning in TKD class) often result in a sensation that the room is spinning.I have had one or two upsetting episodes of vertigo from no particular cause where I and up flat on the floor holding on as if I am going to be thrown off, and a few instances where, for no identified cause,I begin to lean to one side and cannot correct. The nausea has become a real problem, and my fear is that the episodes of vertigo or unexplained leaning may increase in frequency, or that I could misjudge distance while navigating stairs and become injured.

Do these symptoms fit any particular condition?
If so, is the condition expensive to treat?
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