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dizzy , slured speach headache jerking limbs

my girl became disoriented and dizzy slured speach walking into walls and had jerking arms wouldnt lay down and sleep she kept fighting it for a few hrs . she went to sleep and woke up extremly fatigued and still couldnt really walk . cant figure out what triggerd it she had no alcohal in her system at al
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replied November 3rd, 2011
Especially eHealthy

You do not say how old of a patient we are speaking of here. Different ages have different sets of disorders prevalent within them.

It is not the typical symptoms of a seizure, but it still could be.

It could be the signs of a stroke or a TIA (transient ischemic attack).

It could be a reaction to medication or other ingested substance.

It could be a psychological or emotional problem.

Or, there are a whole host of other, less common things, that it could be.

If the patient has returned to her base line status, there is probably not much that would show up on any exam or study at this time. But, the patient should be on the look out for recurrence of the symptoms or similar symptoms. If it occurs again, the patient should immediately taken to see a health care provider, so that an exam and baseline studies can be done.

Good luck.
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replied January 18th, 2012
P.O.T.S/ epilepsy/touretts
I have similar symptoms and am Looking for answers. So far I know I have P.O.T.S syndrome that is possibly causing the epilepsy and touretts. (The Pots specialist is going to send me to a neurologist she works with that together they will get to the bottom of it). Pots causes your blood-pressure to drop suddenly which means your blood and oxygen aren't getting to your heart and brain. There is a Disautonomia website that is helpful. Most Dr.s have never heard of these things, so I would say to deff. see a specialist. It's been several years of me going to Dr.s and them thinking it's all in my "head". I'm seeing a specialist off the web-site in Portland, Oregon. ~Jennica
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