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dizzy, lightheaded and nausea 1 week before my period

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I am 46 and most likely pre-menopausal. For the past 6 months my period have been on a cycle of 28 days, then the next 16 - 17 days, back to 28 etc. It's regularly irregular. Since this has started, I have somewhat heavy periods during the 28 days cycle that leave me weak and tired. I have had one incident of feeling lightheaded and dizzy before, but it only lasted 1 day. This time, I have felt dizzy, lightheaded and nausea for 3 days. What could be causing this?
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replied June 30th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
u need to see Dr. , 3 days of dizzy and nauseated if that is accurate is a long time and may have nothing to do with menopause, if the bleeding is real heavy you could be tired etc but u did not say that the two DIZZY, LIGHTHEADED AND NAUSEATED were with heavy bleeding so when u go to Dr.; write things down, try to be specific, keep a diary for this
u say u r pre-menopausal but why? just your age
best wishes to you
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replied March 27th, 2013
I have had the same thing happen to me. Last month I went to the doctor because I had heavy bleeding and felt dizzy and nauseated to the point where I couldn't move too fast. I got all my blood levels checked including iron and thyroid and everything came back normal. This month I am feeling this way again, but now I am feeling like that 1 week before my period. It's really weird! I wonder if is hormonal? Or if it is an inner ear problem?
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