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please help me someone. from few months i am feeling dizzy all the time. i wear glasses of -6.50 diopters. i got a test but i did not needed new glasses. the thing is that i feel dizzy all day long while i sit or walk or sleep specially if i do a lot of eye work like much time on computer or TV. i feel dizzy more when i close my eyes or lay down or if i remove my glasses then everywhere i see, everything seems moving. my head feels really heavy all the time like something heavy is moving in it. sometimes my eyeballs and head hurts too but that does not happens much. it never ever happened, usually when i use to feel dizzy before it use to be either because i needed new glasses or low blood pressure but now the last time (2 months before) i needed new glasses i feel dizzy all the time. help me please.
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replied November 17th, 2010
Dizzy all the time
Your symptoms could be caused by several things. It sounds like you should get a thorough check out by a Neurologist to rule out brain tumors and Epilepsy. Some weird migraines can make you dizzy too.
Once those come back clean, next (or at the same time) get your adrenal glands tested and make sure they are functioning correctly.
I would make sure that your inner ears are working correctly and that there is no infection there too.
Your head may be in a dysfunctional position. Stand up straight, close your eyes, and keep them shut until you feel yourself start to sway. How long did that take? The longer you could do it, the more your inner ear took over or tried to but got confused by the dysfunctional head position. If you started tipping right or left, your body has lost bilateral weight distribution. If it was tipping front and backward, your body thought you were moving either up or down hill and was trying to compensate for it. Your body can fatigue from these compensations and always trying to process the conflicting signals it is getting. This is not dizziness but positional vertigo. Try these three simple exercises. Do them order. 1. lie on the floor with your butt right up against the wall, legs straight and going up the wall and approximately 6 inches apart. Pull your straight feet and toes toward you. Your entire back should be on the floor and flat so if you need to back up to do this, do so. Hold this for 5 mins. Now reverse it. 2. Sit with your back up against the wall, straight legs and 6 inches apart, straight feet and toes pulling back toward you. Rest you hands in your lap. Slightly pinch your shoulder blades down and together - hold. As you pull your toes back, keep feet straight and quads tight, shoulders together - hold for 3 minutes.
Now for a really easy one: 3. Lie on your back with your legs bent at 90 degrees and resting on a chair or block. Your butt should be up against what your legs are on.Your arms should be out at 45 degrees, palms up. Stay here for at least 5 minutes. When you get up from doing these, your head should be in much more neutral position. If this affects your vertigo/dizziness, then you know it is a posture problem and you should talk to a posture therapist - not a physical therapist - a postural therapist. There is a huge difference. Hope this helps.
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replied March 3rd, 2014
Dizzy and feeling sick to my stomach
I was laying in a tanning bed and became dizzy. When I got up I was a bit dizzy and trying to focus. After some fresh air in the snowy Michigan, I started feeling better. But when I laid down that night for bed and turned over to the left side, I felt the room going around and became dizzy again and sick to my stomach. I got up and took an aspirin and felt very scared. I am moving slow this morning but wondering what caused that? The tanning bed? I don't think I will ever go back to one. But what caused it while laying down and sleeping and waking up our of my sleep, laying down and feeling the room going around and sick to my stomach?
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replied March 15th, 2015
hope this helps
I want to share my story in hopes that it will be helpful to someone else. Six months ago it was as if someone flipped a switch and I became what I call “woozy” all of the sudden. It came on at work one day and has not gone away since. I feel like I am moving or that I may lose my balance and fall. A couple of weeks after this started, my legs began to feel “weak-like”, increasing my feeling of falling. In the past six months, I have been to two emergency rooms, my primary care doctor, my ENT, an opthamologist, and three neurologists. I had an MRI, MRA, BAER, EEG, EKG, CT, VNG, and several other tests done. Everything came back normal. I was given a different diagnoses from each: sinus infection, migraine headaches, latent hyperopia, Meniere’s disease and anxiety. Now, I do have a history of anxiety and this feeling of wooziness triggered it for me. I could tell that almost every doctor I saw thought there was nothing wrong with me and it must be anxiety. The second neuro I saw referred me to the Mayo clinic. After an extremely disappointing visit with their neuro, she diagnosed me with Chronic Subjective Dizziness due to anxiety and was told to take an SSRI. I was not satisfied with my visit there and made two complaint calls back to her office. After I begged for something more, the only thing she would offer me was a referral to their ENT. At the Mayo in Jacksonville, I had multiple tests done and a CT scan that is specifically for looking at the ears. I finally have a diagnoses of Dehiscent Superior Semi-circular canal. Basically, I have a hole in my inner ear canal bone, which is causing my problems. However, after much research into Chronic Subjective Dizziness, I do believe that I may be experiencing some of this as well. But I knew there was more than just anxiety. Please don’t give up on your search to find out what is wrong. I believe that all things happen for a reason. This trial has brought me closer to Jesus and has finally prompted me to get counseling for my anxiety. I hope this is able to help someone. Keep praying and God Bless.
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