Hey there! I've had very tense muscles in my neck and shoulders for about six months. Thanks to this I have tingling and numb fingers and headaches from time to time. Before i got ''diagnosed'' with tense muscles I felt very dizzy a few days but then the dizziness disappeared. I've been to a massage therapist once but it didn't really help me...

The tension is at it's worst at the base of my skull and in my shoulders. I've also been to an osteopath, that has helped me a little bit. Now the dizziness is back and I feel like I can't even leave my home! I feel like I'm on a rocking boat and my head is constantly spinning no matter if I'm standing, sitting or lying down. I also have pressure behind my eyes and can't see properly.

I also have anxiety, not sure if the tense muscles cause my anxiety or vice versa. A few days ago I had my first panic attack. I was determined to get out of my apartment even though I was dizzy (I had an appointment with my osteopath) which was not a good idea. I was so sure I was going to faint or puke and had a total breakdown (crying, shaking hands, heavy breathing, feels like my esophagus is on fire)... I'm running out of hope... Maybe I should try acupuncture? Therapy for my anxiety?

Please help, I'm desperate! nurse thanks
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replied September 10th, 2016
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