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Dizziness but not off balance with TMJ?

Hello everyone,
I just started having symptoms of TMJ (jaw soreness, clicking when I yawn) i grind my teeth a lot and have all my life. I just got a dental implant last week and they literally hammered it into my head. Ever since then ive felt dizzy and had ringing in my ears. I went to my primary dr and he said my ears were clear but the dentist thinks it sounds like tmj. I only feel the dizziness when im up walking around, and im not off balance i just feel kinda unstable. Does that sound familiar to anyone? Does the dizziness ever go awa? i also sometimes feel like its hard to get words out and im not sure if thats a symptom of tmj also but all of this has started since my dental implant so im assuming its related...any advice or comments wsould be so helpful and please keep me in your prayers Smile
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replied June 13th, 2012
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Hi Loveslove,

I'm so very sorry to hear about your experience last week. Sounds like it was very hard on you.

I wouldn't worry too much as yet - all this could be a result of the dental implant and the rather brutal way that it went down. It's really hard to say if it's TMJ or not - but it's worth seeing a specialist just to make sure. If it is TMJ, it's easiest to treat in the beginning. If left alone too long, degeneration can start and it's much harder to treat. Better safe than sorry. Try to find the absolute best NM dentist in your area, or drive to one if need be. There's a lot of mis-diagnosis and mis-treatment in the field of TMJ (more so than most), and I wouldn't want this to happen to you.

It's confusing because chronic bruxing (clenching/grinding) can cause TMJ but it can also be a symptom of it. When it's a symptom, it's usually because you have malocclusion and your jaw is looking desperately for a resting place at night. I would look into solving the clenching issue and definitely try to ascertain whether or not it's helping create the symptoms or a symptom itself.

For someone who is predisposed to TMJD, sometimes agressive,lengthy or tricky dental work can be the tipping point that sets off the full blown TMJ picture. However, you may just be experiencing the after-effect of difficult dental work.

The dizziness really should go away. I've never heard of anyone with TMJD and permanent dizziness. For me, dizziness, as well as worsened tinnitus, has come on as a result of dental work and certain treatments, such as chiropractic atlas adjustment. It's always died back down.

Try not to worry to much...just cover your bases by seeing a top-notch TMJD specialist so that you can be sure of what's going on.

Take good care! Wishing you a speedy recovery Smile
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