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Dizziness at night time

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im pretty sure ive suffered from sinusitis for many years, but its never really bothered me all that much as in the last month.
previously it would be when i awake in the morning, for about 2 hours my nose would non stop run and i'd be sneezing. this hasnt happened in awhile but recently ive come to get lightheaded/faintness. mainly at night time.
Just as im about to doze off, i wake up feeling as though im about to pass out, rather than sleep. my head feels a bit of pressure but nothing painful, just odd. im currently taking nasal spray as im unable to 'pop' my ear drum in the left side without straining hard - which makes me lightheaded trying. i can only use the spray for 4 days or ill get worse sore throat etc. im just curious as to why it happens at night when i lay down mostly? and so far the spray hasnt done anything..whats my next step?
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replied May 19th, 2010
I have been having the "motion sickness" feeling for six months, and my ears wont pop, sinus pressure followed about a month ago, fatigue, etc, i finally got a ct scan and it showed that my right maxillary sinus is completely full with a polyp or retention cyst and there is a bone spur on my septum, having it removed soon, i would get a scan done if i were you, i have BCBS and my cost was minimal, so get it done, it can reveal all sorts of things
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