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dizziness and shakiness when not feeling anxious

hello ive been diagnosed with anxiety for at least 10 years im a 29 year old woman . ive been on and off medication and i only really take medication when i feel im getting my panic attacks . im not on any medication at the moment. however ive been feeling really heavy in the head and at times shaky in the head usually happens when im around alot of people but however i dont feel anxious at all when this happens. im not sure whats causing this is it because im not on medication or the symptoms of anxiety because i dont feel panicky when this happens . i would really love a reply back on your view please i need an answer. my body just feels tired usually and weak.
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replied January 12th, 2011
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It could be a number of things and the best way to get an accurate answer would be to see your doctor who can ask the right questions and order the right test(s)(like blood work).

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