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Dizziness and other really annoying symptoms

There are many triggers I have that will cause me to become dizzy. In 2012, I suffered a massive head-injury and it seems like from there the dizzy spells have snowballed out of control.

I live on a horse farm and ride horses, so I am very physically engaged 90% of the time. One of my triggers is that certain types of lighting will make me dizzy, I will get so dizzy that I will start to lean over and never even notice. I used to think it was *trotting my horse that would make me dizzy but then I realized even being on foot I could get dizzy with that particular lighting. The lighting is semi-cloudy and hazy looking. Think of around 7pm and it's raining out, the grey kinda look. Another trigger, is putting my arms above my head. This happens when I am washing my hair in the shower, holding my arms up to assist with building something, etc. I have even gotten dizzy while driving at night time.

My consistent symptoms include: extreme lightheadedness, dizziness, sweating, increased heart rate, tightness in throat (feels like mildly choking) shaking limbs, difficulty breathing.

Other symptoms (not always): tachycardia heart rhythm around 160/180 BPM, dream like state, out of body experience (when walking it seems like the ground is a treadmill and I am standing still)

My BP is sometimes low when I take it, although at the doctors it presents normal (could be Drs office anxiety). When I tell my doctor what is happening he either wants to blame my ADHD medication (Adderal 10mg BID) or he wants to do blood work (extreme needle phobia). I've had these problems prior to adderal. I do not think this is something that will show up in a blood test.

I do not do illegal drugs, I don't smoke, also I do not consume much of any caffeine or sugar... So it's not my diet.

Thank you
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