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dizziness after asthma attack

last night i experienced my first asthma attack. i was diagnosed a few years back, but i never had a problem with it. after i got my asthma under control, i was coughing a lot, i felt incredibly dizzy and got a bad headache. now, this morning, i still feel very dizzy and still have a mild headache. my chest and throat also hurt a lot (but i read that that part is normal?). i still feel like its kind of hard to breathe (about 12 hours later). should i be worried?
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replied January 29th, 2009
dizziness after asthma attack
Asthma is a condition when the bronchials become constricted causing wheezing, labored breathing, and sometimes an inability to catch one's breath. For someone experiencing and asthmatic attack, we can equate it to trying to breathe through a straw while holding one's nose, not an easy thing to do.
There can be two primary causes that can trigger an attack, one being stress, which causes the constriction of the muscle linings of the bronchial tubes. The other is the result of swelling and congestion, often brought on by an allergic reaction.

Lobelia and Black Cohosh are two herbs that act as very powerful bronchial dilators to relax and open the air passages during an acute asthma attack.
Lobelia Essence may be taken in doses of 30 drops every 2-3 minutes until the attack subsides. It may induce vomiting is some cases but the child will often throw up a lot of mucus and the attack will immediately cease. Lobelia can also be rubbed on the chest.

To prevent bronchial constriction, Magnesium Tablets can be taken on a regular basis. Start dosage at 200 mg a day working up to bowel tolerance, cutting back on dosage if diarrhea occurs.

People with asthma are often suffering from digestion problems and food allergies. Keeping the colon clean may be helpful as there is a strong connection between respiratory and digestive membranes. Everybody's Fiber, taken 1 scoop twice daily, will clean the colon, pull toxins out, and add fiber. It can be taken with water or mixed with applesauce.
Children with a history of allergic reactions such as itchy ears, watery eyes, and hay fever may be helped by supplements that reduce allergic reaction.

HistaBlock 1-2 capsules with a meal twice a day, may reduce allergic reaction to hay fever and food allergies.
EW 1-2 capsules three to four times a day, may relieve earaches, itchy red eyes, and itchy nose with watery sinus drainage.

ALJ is one of the best herbal decongestant combination to clear the nose of mucus, for acute problems take 2-4 capsule every 2-4 hours. If the child cannot swallow capsules, try Liquid ALJ using 1 ½ teaspoons every 2-4 hours.

Marshmallow and Fenugreek is an excellent herbal expectorant combination which loosens the phlegm to make the cough more productive, clearing the lungs of mucus, thus reducing the risk of infection.
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replied February 16th, 2009
I suffer from athsma myself.
The headache and dizzyness were probably caused from the fact that your brain wasn't recieving enough oxygen. That will happen most times you have an attack.
Your body may still be reacting to the shock of what happens (your body isn't used to that kind of thing. It's the same if you go into anaphalaxis. You can go into a few times after cause your body is in shock) If your still finding it hard to breath, take your puffer again (If you have one). If not, take deap slow breaths. In through your nose, out through your mouth, that should help. And just take it easy.
And remember, if you panic during an attack, it will only get worse.
Hope that helps. Smile
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replied January 19th, 2011
Is there any over the counter steriod that can be use for asthma
about five years ago i had bronchitis and was told i had asthma. Three years ago i had pnenmonia and received a breathing machine. The past week ive been battling a chest cold. i now have no medical insurance and have been having severe coughing fits where my nose fills with phlem and i seem to notbe able to catch my breath and my chest and back actually feel like they are spasming. I found a proventil inhaler that is still good (not expired) from a previous episode . Is there any type of over the counter type of steriod such as Prednisone i can use in combination with the inhaler to get to overcome this horrible asthma?
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