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Diverticulosis developed into diverticulitis

Several years ago I had an acute appendix problem. The appendix was removed. During the procedure I was found to have diverticulosis. It was no problem at the time, so I forgot all about it.

A few weeks back when I started having pains in the caecum area, I visited a physician. He believed it to be operational scar tissue problems (appendix removal scar irritation). I did not settle for that answer so I bought myself a CT-scan.

The diverticulosis showed up. As I read the report, there is diverticulosis over the entire colon (saecum, ascending, transverse, decending, possibly also sigmoid parts of the colon). Pains are currently limited to the saecum/ascending colon.

As I am 52 years old, had my appendix removed some 5-6 years ago, had a fullblown diverticolosis developed at that time, the start of the diverticulosis must have been in my middle to late 30`s?

What I am looking for information on, is the development-stages of the diverticula. How long time does it take, and which stages does it go through over which time frame?

A link to information would be most welcome.


A coctail of antibiotics does not seem to help so I am also interested in learning about surgical options.

A surgeon can remove a part of the colon being it in the start, in the middle or in the end (sigmoid). What I am looking for information on; can a surgeon cut me open from hip to hip, remove the entire colon to work on it outside the body, remove the problematic diverticula, stitch it up and re-install it in the abdomen?

A link to information would be most welcome.

Anyone with relevant experience is invited to send me an email (details, experience and links on technical aspects of the condition, treatment, surgical procedures and such)

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replied November 8th, 2011
Also, any information on experience on where to shop for medical treatment and their expertise (USA, Europe, Russia, India, China, SE-Asia) would be welcome, as would links to knowledge about spare parts of different brands (I understand pigs intestines may fit the human body as spare parts).

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