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Diverticulitis Causes and Risk Factors

Diverticulitis Causes and Risk Factors
Causes and Risk Factors

What causes diverticulitis?
The colon wall has naturally occurring weak spots, where the wall may be thinner than normal. Pressure in the colon can cause marble-sized diverticula to bulge through the colon wall. Here they can become infected or painfully inflamed. Dry stool, for example, resulting in constipation can cause diverticula bulges. This occurs because the colon has difficulty eliminating waste material and increased pressure pushes out upon the weak spots of the colon wall, producing diverticula.

Nonetheless, doctors aren’t sure what leads to diverticulitis, although theories posit that the diverticula may trap fecal matter leading to infection, or that they reduce blood supply to the area, causing inflammation. It was once thought that food debris was trapped by the diverticula, leading to the disease. Recent research has ruled this theory out as a factor.

Risk factors
Risk factors increase the likelihood of experiencing a disease or condition.
Certain factors may increase the risk for developing diverticulitis. The most common are:

Aging - Those over 40 seem to be more susceptible, perhaps due to normal changes in the strength and/or elastic properties of the colon wall over time.

Diet - Fiber content in today’s processed foods is extremely low. Studies show that those with high-fiber diets rarely suffer diverticulitis and that a low-fiber diet may contribute to the onset of diverticulitis.

Exercise - Medicine has shown lack of exercise to be linked to diverticulitis, although the underlying reasons remain as yet undetermined.

Obesity - Odds for contracting diverticulitis increase with weight, and can lead to internal bleeding.

Do you know the signs and symptoms of diverticulitis? To better understand the symptoms of this condition, continue reading here. The next section outlines diverticulitis signs here.

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