I'm a 35 yr old dude and I have had 3 bouts with diverticulitis since March of 2012. My first bout with it came a month after I had 2 kidney stones (I was backed up for 6 days from pain meds, who knew they constipated you wow...) . What's interesting at the time I was eating the cleanest in my life the Bro diet if you will (egg whites rice cereal chicken breast brown rice veggies and protein shakes ) I had lost 160 lbs and thinks were going quite well until the stones and diverticulitis showed up. I was referred to a dr that said I was too young and he may remove part of my intestine, thankfully there was a bit of confusion and that dr didn't call me back for a few months. In that appointment he told me what I read about the diverticulitis diet was all old research from World War One and that there was no evidence to suggest that on staining from seeds and such were any issue, well in Oct later that year I had yet another flare up and I was referred to another dr who did a colonoscopy and saw that it was located in one small area. I was told by this dr that nuts and seed were ok in moderation as long as I got enough fiber and grains I had already modified my diet and because of all the downtime pain and stress I had put on some weight. Well in June of 2013 I had another bout with diverticulitis, in ignorance as the flare up started I figured upping my fiber would help me in getting over the issue faster, not so I ended up making it worse after 5 days I finally went to the hospital and found I had some abscess going on according to the CT scan. The surgeon on call was a dr who had repaired a hernia in dec so i knew him, I explained what the drs had told me and he was pretty upset. He told me every time he removed a piece of the bowel it was corn or seed or nut that was lodged in the bowel. He set me up on a low residue diet (of which I had never heard of) so I met with a dietician at the hospital before my 3 day stay was over and they informed me of the low residue diet, all the evil things I had been earlier banned from white rice, white pasta, white bread , and so on. I met with him on my follow up appointment and he said to remain on low residue but that lettuce and brown rice was ok.... Those weren't a low residue green light. So I decided to juice and have a meal a day and then increased to 2 meals and eventually 3 meals a day mostly eggs and rice cereal. Can anyone speak on dietary secrets or experience ? Can anyone refer me to a diverticulitis dietician either virtually or in Southern California? I know it's a long read so thanks for hanging in there. I am interested to see what feedback anyone may have, anyone dealing with bowel cramps ? Thanks very much
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replied January 25th, 2014
Thanks for writing - I have had several bouts after colon resection from adhesions. Still trying to see what works. Wondering how long to stay off fiber and loosing lots of weight.

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