I am a 58-year-old WF, weight 147, height 5'2". A couple of weeks ago I went to the GI doc for left-sided pain and he is treating me for diverticulitis. Also at that time, I was quite constiptated and he started me on a regimen of Miralax, enemas, and Dulcolax to get things moving. They finally did but now I have this hard full feeling below my breast bone. I can pass flatus but it still feels so hard there and makes me miserable. I am, of course, on a 14-day course of 2 antibiotics of which I have 2 days left. Is this from the diveritculitis, constipation, or something new I need to have investigated? Also, I had an abdominal x-ray this week by my urologist who was checking on a kidney stone. If something were abnormal, would he have detected it on that film? Thanks so much.
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replied July 2nd, 2008
Which 2 antibiotics do you take and why?
Pain under the breast bone could be due to the constipation but there could be other possibilities too.
How did your doctor diagnose your diverticulitis? By colonoscopy?
X-ray can visualize the kidney stones but can't see the intestines except for the gas inside them.
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