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distal humerus break at the elbow, nerve block w/ CP

Last Friday (08/04/2016), I broke my distal humerus at the elbow. I had surgery on it on Monday (11/04/2016). They have put a plate on it and I am now recovering.

The doctors have given me a sheet with exercises to do but have also said not to but weight on it, I'm confused???

I don't want the plate to come apart.... Could it do that?

During the operation I had a nerve block into the shoulder/neck which numbed the arm. The nerve block 'appears' to have worn off apart from numbness in the lower part of my little finger and a little bit of my ring finger? It doesn't hurt it just feels numb. Is this normal? And will be feeling come back in my finger?

I have cerebral palsy, should i have had the block?

Questions are:
1) can/should I do the exercises? Am I aloud to hold the arm up of its own accord (without a sling) because that's not putting weight on the fracture, right?

2) how likely is it the plate /pin will cone away?

3) will I get the feeling back in my finger?

4) I have cerebral palsy, should i have had the block?

Are these concerns valid?

Am I worrying over nothing?
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