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Distal fibula shocking pains run up my leg a yr later

A year ago in September I fractured my distal fibula. I got a cast and had crutches then had a walking cast, after the cast came off I got a black boot and then after that just a lace up ankle brace. I never wore the lace up ankle brace because it would hurt my ankle when I had shoes on or if I was even in just my socks. I missed my last appointment with my orthopedic doctor and never rescheduled it, which I didn't have a problem with because my ankle was doing good, and I didn't have pain. But the other day I was walking up stairs and I felt a shocking pain run up right where my fibula is, I didn't really think much about it until it happened later that night when I was running I felt the same shocking pain run up my leg. It has happened multiple times in the past week, and I'm not sure what's wrong if it's just hurting because I broke it and I have to live with it and go on or if something is truly wrong. I did not do physical therapy after I broke it because I didn't feel I needed it because everything was going good with it and it felt good. Maybe I just need to build up more strength in it?

Thank you
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