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Dislocated shoulder without pain ?

Dislocated my shoulder a week ago while at a concert. It's pretty silly, actually. I was in the mosh pit and i had my hands on the shoulders of the 2 people in front of me and then i attempted to lift myself up to crowd surf (i've done it a million times!) except this time as i lifted myself up, my shoulder dislocated. Couldn't move my arm and it hurt, but nothing to cry over. It was actually sort of weird because while it did hurt, it was more of a feeling that freaks you out and you just feel your arm is messed up, not so much the pain that everyone talks about when they dislocate their shoulders (i consider myself lucky). Good thing there was a hospital a few blocks away from the concert venue we were at and i got there about 10minutes later, spent about 20 in the ER room answering the questions about how it happened, does it hurt, etc. Overall, i'd say about 40minutes until i was given shots of morphine and then consciously sedated, woke up about 15 minutes later with a sling on and no pain whatsoever.
I have to wear the sling for a total of 5-6 weeks (going back to the Dr before Xmas) and then i'll be doing Physical therapy after. It doesnt hurt at all and i have no aches or pains, its just annoying that i have to wear this sling for so long. Dr said surgery wasnt needed. He also said it was fine to play guitar and continue with my gigs, as long as i wear my sling.

Anyways, is 6 weeks a really long time to wear the sling or is it just me? Most stories i've read only use the sling for 3-4 weeks. I've been reading pretty crazy stories online and everyone says it's bound to dislocate again, which really scares me but i rarely play sports and am more of a guy who plays guitar in a band and just hangs out, not too much of an athlete.

I cant understand why my shoulder doesnt hurt like everyone elses. I dont have a problem with it out of the sling (though i try not raise it because im scared to lol) but when i rest it on my chair its normal-feeling.

Thanks everyone
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replied November 23rd, 2010
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Hi Ragex....Consider yourself lucky....Just be careful in the future as they have a tendency to act up...Take care...

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