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dislocated rib

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i've had a dislocated rib for over a week now my docter told me i could just let it go back in place on its own. but after a week it has gotten worst the pain has moved to my back and it hurts to move. what should i do?
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replied April 15th, 2010
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Ribs will move back in place. Sorry to hear you are hurting. I know about rib pain.
Did your Dr. tell you to sit upright and take deep slow breaths? The lungs filling up will expand and may help that rib get back to where it belongs. This will be a long healing. Ribs seems to take forever. Other than that, ice to reduce inflamation. If you were given any steriods from your doctor ot anti-inflamatory meds in any way, they will speed up the process. Did he give you the 5 day pack of steroids to take?
Good luck,
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