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Discontinuing Seasonique


I have been on Seasonique for approx. 6 weeks. I really don't like the moodiness / depression that comes with it (I am already on Cymbalta and it isn't helping with the new depression from the seasonique). I would like to discontinue using the Seasonique and am curious as to the best time / way to do that. Can I simply just stop taking the pills? Do I need to jump to the lower hormone dose (yellow pills) as the end of the pack?


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replied April 20th, 2009
IF it causes so much discomfort that you can't stand it , I would discontinue use without finish the pack. But to keep your body from being thrown too far off track, i would finish the pack and while doing that, find another pill or stop taking birth control. Whichever you choose. In my own opinion, which I believe to be fact simply because it is my own opinion, women are not supposed to have 4 periods a year. The female body was made to have a period every month. That's why we have them every month. Putting a synthetic drug in your system, man made, especially something that screws with your hormones and your periods, is very dangerous. I would suggest taking birth control that doesn't shorten the amount of periods you have a year, but rather shortens the periods you have each month. Lessening the cramps, bloating, irritability, etc. Women were not meant to have any more or less periods than what they have. Be careful what you take.
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replied March 1st, 2010
Birth Control facts

The "period" that you get while on birth control is not a real period (look it up) and it is a very recent phenomenon (within the past 100 years) that has women getting their periods once a month.
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