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disconnections from reality.

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ill accidentaly slip too far into daydreams. i know theyre not real. im not sure if ill ever be able to think theyre real, but it seems close. and everything seems realy important. my brother mentioned dinner to me earlier for instance, and in the back of my head, i KNEW that dinner was the most important thing in the world, and that if we didnt get there, something terrible would happen. once i get to dinner though, i realize that the importance of dinner was only something i told myself.
my mind fights against itself. if i think of something bad, my mind will convince me that im in danger. but im also thinking clear as day at the same time and know im safe, all while still feeling at danger.
and i think that im constantly asking myself "are they talking about you" but im not sure.
its not that i have realy lost touch with reality. but i am starting to lose trust in my own thoughts.
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