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Discomfort in throat when swallowing

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I'm a 28 year old male. Last year I was diagnosed with GERD and a Hiatal Hernia. In the past few weeks I've noticed that when I swallow I have an odd slight discomfort in my lower throat. I have no problem swallowing foods or liquids, and the pain isn't bad, it's just strange. It's felt more when I am just swallowing saliva. Back of my throat is a little red, but not too bad. I do smoke half a pack a day. I feel no strange lumps when I feel around the area, but I'm still paranoid that it's throat cancer or something. Could this be caused by my GERD?
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First Helper judeinneverland

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replied June 2nd, 2009
I recommend you see your PCP and see what they ahve to say..There are too many probables and you definetly want the best advice..maybe the GERD is worse and maybe you need new meds..
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