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Discomfort in lower legs with TMJ

Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with TMJ in March, by my dentist, after drawing blanks with my GP. I've been suffering with various symptoms since last September, but since Christmas have been experiencing an odd feeling in my lower legs, along with the usual sinus, jaw, neck and shoulder aches which seem common.
The feeling is like I'm wearing twisted tights, it doesn't hurt, but is uncomfortable and worrying. And it seems to be worse in the evening, and when my period is due.
Anyone else experiencing this?

I'm also getting a lot of dizziness, expecially in the last 3 weeks or so. Blood pressure checks and blood tests have revealed nothing of note.

Any suggestions anyone?
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First Helper classyact

replied October 17th, 2010
I have suffered every symptom mentioned and then some. One thing i learned was the pain will continue to extend along your muscle...mine ended up in my heel with a awful burning sensation. The best results come with a good massage therapist to work along the muscle from the hip down. The hips are the mirrors of the jaws and the legs will twist outward when this muscle is contracting. You can do self massage if you have strong hands and work from the upper thigh down to the knee where you feel the pain trigger spots. Watch the leg turn inward. But in reality the only relief comes from getting your jaw aligned. Find a good dentist that specializes in TMJ along with a cranial facial massage therapist. You will first get a splint to stop the grinding which starts the pain. You may need some dental work to straighten your bite. Hope this helps.
20 year tmj sufferer
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