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discharged within few minutes of start

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my question is related to erectile dysfunction. i m 24yrs old and been mastrubating since i was only 17 but few months back i stopped mastrubating and now i m experiencing erectile dysfunction like cant keep my erection for longer time and get discharged within few minutes of start...
cant understand whats the problem..

plz post some suggestions or solutions
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replied December 12th, 2011
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If you are in good physical health, you dont likely have ED.

Here's something I have noticed about myself that may be helpful to you. If I dont use my penis regularly,it's harder for me to get an erection. in other words, if I dont use it i lose it. To an extent anyway.

Im married now so I use it quite regularly. Before I got married I masterbated regularly. I'm not talking about to an extreme, but regularly. It helped keep my plumbing working.

Now, I dont know if anyone else experienced this or not, but thats been my experience.
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