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Discharge that smells like urine after clitoral masturbation?

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I am not even sure it isn't urine. It is just when I masturbate using my clit though. Usually after a high pressure, like using an electric toothbrush or my jetbathtub (Smile) I am really wondering what it is, because I really dont want it to be an issue during sex. It is clear and it smells like urine. I have done experiments with it thou9h, and even if I go pee RIGHT before, it will still happen. Does this happen to anyone else? Answers would be excellent! Smile
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replied September 22nd, 2010
Especially eHealthy
Mackelly, if it smells like urine, it is at least largely urine. Unfortunately you do not say if it is it a lot or how old you are? Do you gush or does it just drip or shoot out?

It is quite possible that you can leak a little bit urine when you have an orgasm. All your muscles will contract rhythmically when you orgasm, including the bladder sphincter muscle which closes the bladder and keep urine inside.

When you pee you do not totally void your bladder and there might be processes where sexual stimulation makes your bladder more active. There is also the possibility that fluid from your skene's glands (aka g spot/female prostrate) mix with it to form female ejaculate

Most men will be turned on by this and consider it a sign that they have pleasured and pleased you.

You should do your kegel exercises to strengthen your PC muscles. Do a lot of them every day.

Best of luck!
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replied January 20th, 2014
i had this happen to me once too. i have a medical issue that keeps me from expereincing orgasm, and there was no wet spot or anything. i had felt a bit of gushing, but nothing came out. i also was using an extremely powerful clit stimulator. i took a shower afterwards and when i came back to my room it reeked of pee. and the smell was strongest at my bed. eww. but it only happened that one time.
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