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discharge smell is this normal?

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I have always had the same type of discharge. it is clear or sometimes white and looks very normal. however it has smelt somewhat ever since I was little. not a horrific smell but a smell non the less. it isn't very fishy I don't think. is this normal?
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replied April 19th, 2012
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It sounds like a normal discharge from a fertile cycle. If you want to find out more about this and what each type means, look at the tutorials on fertilityfriend (dot com) or in any book on fertility.

Almost every woman has a very unique scent. It is often only noticeable to us, as we are sensitive to it and worried that others can smell it. Depending on the pH in your vagina, it might have a slightly cheesy smell. This is because of the type of bacteria with different pH. These smells are seldomly a problem.

Following the general rules for vaginal health can help:

Wear only cotton full crotch panties (no string panties)
Avoid tight fitting pants and nylons
Sleep without panties if it is safe to do so for you.
Pat your vulva dry as soon as possible when it gets wet.
Wipe from the fron to back on the toilet.

So how to deal with a smell?

Rule out any infections

If you think it is sweat, use an antbacterial soap on your vulva (outside, not inside). Normally an antibacterial soap is not recommended.

If you think it is urine, wash with a small spray bottle of water after urinating.

Any other smells are natural, and should not be an issue.

Best of luck!
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